ULTIMATE BUSINESS CARD – For Personal Connections

Business cards are impersonal. People go to great creative lengths to make them memorable despite being pre-printed.

The solution is to use an Instax camera (Polaroid) to take a selfie with someone you meet, then write your email on it with a sharpie.

It’s the size of a business card and a lot more personal. Save your pre-printed cards for people you don’t care about.


Secrets of Shopify Course Part 14 – ULTIMATE Shopify SEO -Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimisation = free traffic from Google. Who wouldn’t want that? Get those organic rankings and KEEP them long term with this part of the Secrets of Shopify SEO course.

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New York Underground: “The Ultimate Ride” Scenes (2003)


Scenes from New York Underground: “The Ultimate Ride” featuring a challenging 34-hour, 468-station full-system ride of the New York City Subway system attempted by a group of dedicated railfans with the requirement of having to stop at every station and without leaving the system for any reason.

New York Underground was a one-hour documentary profiling the culture, lifestyles and rituals within the New York City Subways produced in 2003 by New York Times Television and was broadcast on the Discovery Times Channel.

No Copyright Infringement intended in this sequence.

The BEST Bubble Tea in New York! The Ultimate Boba Taste Off

We tried all the popular bubble tea places to give you what we think is the BEST bubble tea in New York.

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On Page SEO: Tytons Ultimate Guide

On-Page SEO: Tyton’s Guide to 10x Better Rankings

In this guide, we are going to get in-depth with all the latest on-page SEO factors and how to implement them on your

website to increase your rankings to the first page of Google.

So what exactly is on-page SEO?
It’s the act of optimizing web pages to rank higher in search engines resulting in more (free) traffic.

On-page refers the content of the page, as well as the HTML or source code.

on page seo tyton media

The better a web page is optimized for on page SEO, the better its chances are at ranking for certain keywords.

But why do you need on-page SEO?
If you want to grow your website or business then having optimized web pages is a necessity.

Google is very picky about the results it shows to its users and if your website doesn’t adhere to best practices, it may get lost in the abyss of the SERPs (search engine results pages).

Having a website that adheres to on-page SEO best practices increases its traffic from Google and other search engines resulting in high converting, free traffic.

Investing in SEO is one of the best investments you can make for a website (assuming you hire the right agency).

Investing in SEO is one of the best investments you can make for a website. CLICK TO TWEET
So now that you know how important on-page SEO is, lets look at the on-page factors Google looks at when ranking a website.

Video SEO for YouTube – The Ultimate Guide (Video SEO Tutorial)

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For your viewing pleasure, my epic 2,500+ word article turned into full motion video! – a complete Video SEO tutorial.

This covers every step you can take to optimise your videos for maximum YouTube Video SEO effectiveness.

I outline an optimum workflow you can follow each time you upload a vid to get the most out of YouTube and increase your search coverage.

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SEO Secrets: The Ultimate Traffic Guide Online Course

The Ultimate Traffic Guide on UDEMY: http://goo.gl/dBNXOW

The latest traffic secrets and pro-tips are reveal in this unique UDEMY online course where you will be able to learn effectives ways and techniques to get unlimited and qualified traffic to your webpage, blog, Social Bookmarks and how to show up on Google’s first page results with and without SEO.

Do you really want to improve your incomes, gain more Subscribers, Views and make more money with Youtube? Are you having problems driving traffic to your personal or business webpage? Are you looking for an easy and effective way to get qualified targeted traffic? Want to have thousands of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest followers within a few months? Are you looking to put your webpage on the first page of Google search results?. Here we have the solution.

In the “The Ultimate Traffic Guide” you will find over 60 lectures with 6 hours of incredible content divided in 4 sections. Is a package that contains 4 COURSES IN 1! The course is designed for you to do it all together or just the section of your needs. You can do it both ways!

YouTube Section: The importance of Video Marketing and why YouTube is the best platform to make use of this marketing tool. How to correctly optimize your Channel in order to gain more Views And Subscribers, the correct use with pro tips and tricks involving Keywords, tags, Annotations and Playlists. How to optimize your video’s title and description to outrank your competition and how to make the perfect Thumbnail within a few minutes! How to make videos without the need of a camera. The best pro-tips on how to make this happens in one designed example for you to understand how to do it. Learn the benefits of INTERACTION, RETENTION, and PROMOTION to engage with your audience. Keep them coming and attract new Subscribers with this 3 techniques. Plus amazing pro tips that will take you to the next level in order to get more views and subscribers to your channel with Google Hangouts, Reddit, Nine Gag and even more.

Website Section: A full keyword research plan to optimize the overall content of your site that will bring you more traffic. Plus sixteen top notch lectures that will bring you targeted traffic to your website by using Email Marketing, Article Marketing, Blog Carnivals, Podcasts, Video Articles, Document Traffic, Tutorials, Forums, Guest Posting, Blog Comments, Answer Sites, Video Marketing, Blog Pinging, Ezine Joint Ventures, Ad Swaps and Press Releases.

Google Page One Section: The secret behind Google’s Algorithm and how to take advantage of it. Learn not only why you need ON AND OFF SITE optimization but also understand and apply “EAT” which means a high level of Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness on your website with the latest examples that will position your website in the top position of the search results. How to deliver the BEST USER EXPERIENCE. A well designed crafted Game Plan to take you step by step to fully optimize your website with and without SEO.

Social Media and Social Bookmarks: Gain more likes for your fanpage and engage more with your fans. How to get thousands of Twitter followers using differing approaches, including a PRO-TIP that involves using YAHOO PIPES. How to get increase your Instagram follower base and drive more traffic to your website with it. How to optimize your Pinterest account in order to drive targeted traffic and also different techniques to get more visitors to your site by using: Google Plus, YouTube, Linkedin, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, Flickr, Reddit, Digg and Delicious.

You have everything you need to be able to achieve unimaginable growth. Just follow the lesson plans we created for you and we are confident you will accomplish your goals.
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