how to optimize website seo wapka site ka seo kaise karte he how to submit sitemap in hindi

In this video you’ll see today how any website is seo.How to add a site map website. How to search engine optimization. How to Verify website.
wapka website ka seo kaise kare. wapka website me sitemap kaise add kare. how to optimize website seo.

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How to Review Open Site Explorer in MOZ || SEO Research Tools

Presenting you “How to Review Open Site Explorer in MOZ || SEO Research Tools”.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s unpaid results—often referred to as “natural,” “organic,” or “earned” results. In general, the earlier (or higher ranked on the search results page), and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine’s users. SEO may target different kinds of search, including image search, local search, video search, academic search, news search and industry-specific vertical search engines.

Organic search engine optimization is a long-term, ongoing and complex process. Tools can be used to make SEO tasks easier, faster and simpler. The time and effort saved thanks to tools are almost priceless. But even better, all the SEO tools on this course are free.

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Tuto SEO: Comment Analyser les liens de son site grâce à aHrefs ?

Tutoriel SEO : Audit des backlinks d’un site internet grâce à l’outil en ligne ahrefs

Bonjour et bienvenu dans un nouveau tutoriel consacré à aHrefs. Cet outil en ligne vous permettra de faire un audit approfondi des liens entrants vers votre site web. N’hésitez pas à liker, commenter et vous abonner à la chaîne.

Audit seo
tuto seo

Optimizare site web Timisoara – SEO Profesional

Optimizare site web Timisoara profesionala pentru orice tip de site cu scopul unei clasari mai bune in motoarele de cautare si a atrage trafic calitativ pe site!

Ce este optimizarea unui site web sau SEO? Este procesul prin care aliniezi elementele unui site cu cerintele Google pentru ca acesta sa apara mai sus in motoarele de cautare.

1. Mai mult trafic – pozitiile de top in rezultatele Google au parte de un numar mare de click-uri si vizualizare ridicata iar astfel tu vei avea mai mult trafic pe site daca acesta se va clasa mai sus in rezultatele Google.

2. Return of Investment – SEO iti ofera rezultate masurabile care iti vor arata daca site-ul tau iti aduce bani sau iti iroeste banii. Astfel vei putea sa vezi cat trafic ai atras / luna si cati au cumparat si in final vei vedea daca iti aduca profit si ROI.

3. Vizibilitate – daca ai un site bine clasat in motoarele de cautare ai o vizibilitate ridicata catre piata ta tina. S-a demonstrat ca site-urile web care se claseaza pe prima pagina Google au parte de incredere din partea pietei tinta. Cu cat te clasezi mai bine in motoarele de cautare cu atat mai mult iti vei creste brandul

#Optimizare #site #web #Timisoara
Optimizarea corectă a unui site conduce la o mai bună prezență în motoarele de căutare la căutări relevante efectuate de utilizatori, legate de informațiile, serviciile sau produsele prezentate pe site. Acest lucru conduce la mai mulți vizitatori, mai multe persoane interesate și mai multe vânzări. Însă asta nu este tot ceea ce face SEO, impactul lui fiind unul mult mai vast și mai benefic.

SEO ajută:
motoarele de căutare să își facă mai bine treaba
oamenii să găsească informațiile, imaginile, produsele de care au nevoie
firmele mici să concureze cu marile companii
o adevărată industrie de specialiști și traineri să aiba locuri de muncă
la reducerea cheltuielilor cu promovarea online

Fără SEO un nevăzător ce navighează pe Internet folosind un screen reader – program care îi citește conținutul site-urilor, nu ar reuși să înțeleagă ce conține un site sau altul, în special dacă ele sunt formate din imagini denumite sub forma pic2054.jpg în loc de baston-pliabil.jpg

Help! My Site Is Losing Traffic! – Hard Core SEO – Episode 1

Stone Temple Consulting Senior Marketing Consultant Brian Weis explains what you should do if you see a sudden loss of traffic to your website. He gives you a series of practical steps you can take to isolate the probable cause of the traffic reduction so you know what actions you need to take, if any.

Full transcript below!

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ERIC: So Brian, I’ve lost a lot of traffic from my website, and I’m panicking. What do I do?

BRIAN: Well, the first thing is to actually not panic. It looks right now like you might be losing traffic, but there’s also some other potential explanations.

So, we want to make sure that it’s not a seasonal factor, that it’s not sort of a random fluctuation that’s within your normal range, and that it’s not an analytics problem either.

ERIC: Ok, so how do I check these things?

BRIAN: Well, the first thing to do is probably look at year-over-year. So compare this time this year to the same time last year. See if this is a normal slope that happens at this time.

Also, consider whether there’s any holidays, or industry events, or any other kind of external cause that could be influencing what you’re seeing with the traffic.

Another thing you can do is hopefully you’re doing some keyword rank tracking, and so you can see, “OK, my search traffic is down. Are my rankings down as well?” Does everything kind of make sense?

Then one other thing to do is make sure you don’t have an analytics issue. There are a lot of things that can go funny with analytics, and we tend to have a lot more confidence in analytics then perhaps sometimes we should. So it’s helpful sometimes to have multiple analytics packages. For instance, if you have Google Analytics or Site Catalyst, which use Java script tracking, it’s also good to have a server side analytics package.

So you’re collecting data in different ways, and if the data looks the same in both sources, then you can tell that, OK, it probably is actually a traffic drop.

ERIC: So, OK, I’ve checked it, and it looks like I do have a real traffic drop of some sort. So what do I do next?

BRIAN: The next thing would be to isolate the source of it. Dig into your analytics to see what search engine it’s coming from. Then look in the news, in Search Engine Land and SEO Roundtable. Barry Schwartz [owner of SEO Roundtable and columnist at Search Engine Land] does a very good job of going around to various message boards and seeing what site owners are experiencing.

There’s also Rank Ranger, which shows daily fluctuations in rankings, so you can see if there’s a lot of volatility at a certain time.

Another thing that’s good to do is if you track keywords to track them in groups. So you have your branded keywords, your non-branded keywords, your short-tail, your long-tail. You can see is there a particular group of keywords that fell.

Normally, when something changes in Google, it’s not going to impact you across the board, because they’re tweaking one part of the algorithm. So you’ll see, perhaps, certain landing pages that fall. It’s good to drill in there and see where are the places where you’re feeling it more.

ERIC: Interesting. So how does change, if this didn’t just happen last night, but actually happened a few months ago, would you do anything a little differently?

BRIAN: In some ways it’s much easier to evaluate that, because you can see if it’s held over time for one thing. But also there’s going to be more data to look at.

Sometimes Google announces algorithm changes; other times there’s enough activity that occurs that it sort of becomes known within the industry that there was an algorithm change at that time.

Moz is one place that keeps a list of algorithm changes. Rank Ranger does also, and you can also do a search, “Google algorithm change on” whatever the date that you’re seeing the shift.

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