SEO and social media sharing: maximize social sharing of your products to get an SEO boost

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In this tutorial I discuss how to combine your SEO and social media marketing by giving your overall site and individual pages an SEO boost by sharing those pages on social media.

When you share pages of your site on social media, those pages get a small SEO boost. The key is to make sure that you and your team regularly share pages that you want to rank on Google. But it should not stop there. You should also create good content so that your customers will regularly share your pages. That extra social sharing will give you an SEO boost.

If you do get an SEO boost, the great thing is that since more people will discover your content through search, those people will share your content on social media, and further amplify your SEO.

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Let’s touch again on the impact SEO has on social media marketing, and vice versa. If you approach SEO as something that you just build content for, and build links, that is fine, but since you have all this content to share, you should share it on social media in a way that it would get shared by people who follow you on social media. Google crawls all the social media sharing and posting. If they see that your SEO content is getting shared on social media, they will see that as a quality signal, and boost the ranking of your content in their search results. Once your content ranks better in search results, you will get more daily traffic to that content, which will have an impact on how many people share your SEO content on social media, prompting even more sharing, and eventually prompting even more of an SEO boost.

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This is a fascinating tutorial in which I go over a number of factors that influence your website’s SEO ranking factors and how the Google algorithm treats different social and engagement signals to rank websites. Some of the biggest factors are social sharing, search intent and click-through rates of search results, and social sharing of different content.

As you might imagine, links and backlinks are still important when it comes to SEO and getting your site to rank, but there are many other ranking factors that you should keep in mind. Social sharing of the pages or url’s that you want to rank is extremely important. You must share the pages you are promoting on social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google Plus. But keep in mind, just sharing is not enough. You must induce extra sharing by your followers to give your content a chance to rank in SEO and to give your content an SEO boost.

In addition to social sharing, it is also important to ensure that people have a good experience on your website if they do get there from SEO because Google focuses on making sure that people who search have a great experience. If someone searches for something and finds your website, they shouldn’t immediately leave. It is best if people stay on your site for a while and browse multiple pages.

You should also make sure that you do the basic things like have a full page of content and make sure that your title tag and description tag are made well and contain the keywords for which you want to rank.

Attention to quality is also very important. Now more than ever, search engines pay attention to various quality signals like bounce rates, time on the page, and many other similar signals.

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