Online reputation management by using tools like SEO, publicity and social media

Reputation management by using SEO, publicity and social media!

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In this tutorial I explain how to manage your online reputation by making sure that the items that show up when people search for your name are things that will be flattering to you and your business. The first thing you can do, which is the simplest thing, is to simply maintain good social accounts on Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube. Many of your social media accounts will show up in Google when people search for your name. So this is an easy thing to do, and it can accomplish quite a bit with very little effort.

The next thing you should do is get publicity about you and your business. You can get publicity with HARO (help a reporter out) or which will get you featured on podcasts and radio shows.

Lastly, you should link to the pages about you that you want to rank well in Google. Linking to pages will help them rank higher in Google. This way you can curate which websites and articles show up when people search for you on Google.

You should also create content (web pages, videos, or any other kind of pages that have the potential to rank in Google searches) that should rank for your personal name or your business brand name. For example, if I wanted to make a page that would rank in Google about myself, I would title it with my name, and have the name in the title and description tags as well as in the body of the content. Then I would link to that page from my other pages until that page ranks well in Google search. This way, one out of ten Google search results would be exactly what you want people to think about you, thus positively controlling your reputation management.

Use these online reputation management tools and strategies, and pretty quickly, you will have a great online reputation!

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Event marketing and promotion strategies with SEO, publicity and social media

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In this tutorial, I discuss event marketing strategies, and how you can promote your events to make sure that you draw attendance from social media, publicity, SEO, and referrals from existing attendees.

Event marketing strategies via SEO include making sure that for each event you host, you create a web page for that event, and make it rank for keywords that are relevant for your events like the event title and the city name of the city that it is in.

To increase event attendance via social media, you must get your event attendees to share your events on Twitter and Facebook. The best time to ask your attendees to promote your events on Twitter and Facebook is when they themselves sign up to attend your event. When people sign up for your event, they are typically excited about attending, and you must take advantage of their excitement, and get them to invite their friends.

Event marketing strategies to help you get publicity for your events include posting your events on other local event websites. Make sure that your events are truly interesting. If your events are truly interesting, they will naturally have great headlines, and other site editors, bloggers, and journalists will notice your events, and take note. Many of them might promote your events on their own websites because your events, being truly interesting, will make their website content better.

Additionally, if you are looking to promote your events and grow your business, I have written a number of books on how to start and grow your business. Please take a look at my Amazon author page for a full list of my books.

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