Online reputation management by using tools like SEO, publicity and social media

Reputation management by using SEO, publicity and social media!

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In this tutorial I explain how to manage your online reputation by making sure that the items that show up when people search for your name are things that will be flattering to you and your business. The first thing you can do, which is the simplest thing, is to simply maintain good social accounts on Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube. Many of your social media accounts will show up in Google when people search for your name. So this is an easy thing to do, and it can accomplish quite a bit with very little effort.

The next thing you should do is get publicity about you and your business. You can get publicity with HARO (help a reporter out) or which will get you featured on podcasts and radio shows.

Lastly, you should link to the pages about you that you want to rank well in Google. Linking to pages will help them rank higher in Google. This way you can curate which websites and articles show up when people search for you on Google.

You should also create content (web pages, videos, or any other kind of pages that have the potential to rank in Google searches) that should rank for your personal name or your business brand name. For example, if I wanted to make a page that would rank in Google about myself, I would title it with my name, and have the name in the title and description tags as well as in the body of the content. Then I would link to that page from my other pages until that page ranks well in Google search. This way, one out of ten Google search results would be exactly what you want people to think about you, thus positively controlling your reputation management.

Use these online reputation management tools and strategies, and pretty quickly, you will have a great online reputation!

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Top SEO ranking factors like social media sharing, links & more: biggest search ranking factors

SEO search engine ranking factors like social media sharing and links!

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This is a fascinating tutorial in which I go over a number of factors that influence your website’s SEO ranking factors and how the Google algorithm treats different social and engagement signals to rank websites. Some of the biggest factors are social sharing, search intent and click-through rates of search results, and social sharing of different content.

As you might imagine, links and backlinks are still important when it comes to SEO and getting your site to rank, but there are many other ranking factors that you should keep in mind. Social sharing of the pages or url’s that you want to rank is extremely important. You must share the pages you are promoting on social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google Plus. But keep in mind, just sharing is not enough. You must induce extra sharing by your followers to give your content a chance to rank in SEO and to give your content an SEO boost.

In addition to social sharing, it is also important to ensure that people have a good experience on your website if they do get there from SEO because Google focuses on making sure that people who search have a great experience. If someone searches for something and finds your website, they shouldn’t immediately leave. It is best if people stay on your site for a while and browse multiple pages.

You should also make sure that you do the basic things like have a full page of content and make sure that your title tag and description tag are made well and contain the keywords for which you want to rank.

Attention to quality is also very important. Now more than ever, search engines pay attention to various quality signals like bounce rates, time on the page, and many other similar signals.

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How To Quickly Rank Your Webpage On The Search Engine Like Google, Yahoo, Bing? – Get Ranked on Google, Yahoo, Bing

How To Quickly Rank Your Webpage On The Search Engine Like Google, Yahoo, Bing?

How to quickly rank web pages in Google shows webmasters and online business owners how to achieve top ranking position for their websites. This Google search engine optimisation video tutorial looks at critical web page elements when creating web site content. How to create web page elements such as URL naming, title, meta description, heading tags and content for gaining higher Google rankings quickly and rapidly is shown.

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Hillary Clinton Is Just Like New Yorkers Struggling to Swipe Subway MetroCard

Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton was in New York City to campaign when the former state senator struggled with one of the city’s most well-known challenges, swiping a MetroCard. Clinton had difficulty swiping her MetroCard at one the city’s subway turnstiles and the incident was caught on camera. Once footage hit the airwaves, Twitter users had a field day. If it is any consolation, many fulltime city dwellers struggle with the swipe as well.

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What it’s like working as a SEO Specialist? – Houston Texas

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