Commercial Printers’ Introduction to Packaging: What You Need to Know

As a commercial printer, have you ever thought about the potentially lucrative “package printing” markets but didn’t know how to get started? Printing Impressions and packagePRINTING have collaborated to bring you webinar series on the trending topic.

The first webinar will explore the overall packaging landscape, general package types, and more. Kevin Karstedt, CEO of Karstedt Partners, and our expert panel will discuss:

• The general difference between commercial printing and packaging printing and what synergies and opportunities commercial printers already may have in this space
• Types of packaging, market forces driving package printing, range of common substrates and inks in use and how they differ from what is already used by commercial printers
• Most accessible entry points & applications (specifically the Label and Folding carton market)

We’ll also hear from companies, who’ve already made the “jump” into package printing to discuss first hand opportunities and challenges.

JM Internet Group – SEO, Social Media Marketing, and AdWords – Introduction

Welcome! (Go to for free videos and tutorials on SEO, Social Media Marketing, and AdWords). Our teaching philosophy is based on three elements. First, we make it easy. Second, we make it fun. And, third, we make it concrete. Check out this video for an introduction to how we teach our online classes.

Las Vegas Web Design | Local Seo Marketing Company | 702 PROS | Website Welcome Introduction Video

Las Vegas Web Design | Local Seo Marketing Company | 702 PROS | Website Welcome Introduction Video

– Local Company Intro Video

Hi Guys, It’s me Justin Young, the Owner of 702 Pros: Web Design and SEO Services.

In this video, I outline my website and my company in one fell swoop! In then placed the video on the front page of my website. I will also do this with all my service pages. I do this to not only talk about my company, but associate a human factor to company’s image. Which in turn resonates with my customer.

Leave a comment if you have a question on how you can make your own video like this. But honestly this is the most simple thing in the world. You can even record it with your smart phone. Then copy the embed code and insert it on the front page of your site.


0:00everyone i’m Justin with 702 Pros: Web Design Las Vegas and Local Marketing Services and hopefully you’ve landed on my website I
0:12just want to introduce you to the site a little bit you can help you navigate if
0:17you look up above me there’s a min you simply find our Web Services Web
0:26Services are a web design SEO internet marketing graphic design anything like
0:31that so if you go up to the next tab you’re gonna see our clients our web
0:36design clients so those are some of the clients that we dealt with and done work
0:40for although not all of them are on there those are some of the clients we
0:45like to highlight and if you’re new client sorry but I’m getting to it I
0:50promise and I like to thank all of our clients while talking about that so if
0:56you go on to the next add there is the blog or that the business tools I
1:01believe it’s called under business tools we have blog and that’s information on
1:06web design SEO local SEO internet marketing website marketing hacks
1:12WordPress there’s a lot of WordPress stuff on there and then below that we
1:17have some of our web design SEO and marketing videos and then after that we
1:23have the contact page you want to contact us
1:26you can contact us there or you can give me a call at seven 02904 for 267 02904
1:344262 or you can email me and Justin at 702 pros dot com that’s just in at 702
1:42pros dot com if you’re not on my website the website is 702 pros dot com 702
1:49prose that come little more information about our company were located in Las
1:54Vegas so if you’re a las vegas local and you like to set up a meeting with me
2:00just give me a call I can be your Las Vegas and we can do something for your
2:04business here ok
2:06the website and I will see you soon

Introduction to Digital Marketing | Types of Digital Marketing | SEO in Hindi-Part 17

Digital marketing is a way of promoting the business offline and online platforms through digital channels like social media platforms, Emails, Bulk messages, search engine, TV Ads etc.

Digital marketing helps you to turn your business into a brand and promote it worldwide. It also helps to get more traffic on your websites.

Types of Digital marketing:

1. In-bound Digital marketing : In-bound Digital marketing promote the business online through blogs, social media, videos, newsletters.

2. Out-bound Digital marketing: out-bound Digital marketing promote the business offline through TV-Ads, Bulk messages, radio, sales flyers, telemarketing etc.

In this video you will learn difference between In-bound Digital marketing and out-bound Digital marketing.

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Search Engine Marketing and Pay Per Click Introduction at Agency Jet

Educational overview of Search Engine Marketing and Pay Per Click. Also known as SEM or PPC it is an important part of any digital marketing done online. As important as the website development, if you want leads once your new website is created. It’s a quick way to jump start any online marketing campaign. SEO and SMO is the backbone for all long term organic growth, but SEM is NOW

Krends Marketing Las Vegas SEO Expert – SEO INTRODUCTION

We Can Beat Anybody! Get your Local Business on Google’s Page #1 Top 3 Position!

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Despite being a truly important aspect of effective Internet Marketing or Online Marketing, SEO or search engine optimization remains a poorly grasped concept in online marketing. For years, people have dismissed SEO as something which is premium, yet illegal, as it tends to stir up trouble, especially with Google.

Inevitably, this negative perception and mind set instilled among marketers has caused them to lose appreciation for its value, and potential impact should SEO be implemented as a marketing plan for their respective businesses.


JamesTheFourth and his team deliver exceptional Las Vegas SEO Services that work. Our marketing plans come fully equipped, and aim directly at your audience to ensure the highest ROI available. We tailor-make every marketing plan after fully analyzing your industry, your location, and your biggest competition. Search Engine Optimization marketing is the greatest marketing you could do online. Online marketing with SEO principles will leave you with inbound leads for years to come. Our experts are ready to get your website or videos to the top page of Google, no matter the competition we’re up against.


Contact us today for a free proposal on our Las Vegas SEO Service. This proposal will include extensive research of your industries top key phrases and your local competition. We will need to know what your average client spends, and with this knowledge we will accurately figure how much ROI we can expect to earn for your business in the next few months, six months, twelve months, and few years ahead.

JamesTheFourth makes SEO very easy to understand, and manages your expectations with precision. With our average ROI at over 700%, it’s no wonder why customers continue to renew their contracts, and refer their friends all the time. Don’t wait, contact us today!

Call your Las Vegas SEO Expert now at (747) 333-8838 or visit our website for more information.