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It has been a crazy week so far. Started off with my buddy crashing his bike. And then I crashed mine the next day. Illuminati confirmed right? I almost made it a whole year without a crash. But since we are talking about my first year riding a motorcycle. And if somebody happens to know the hot girl in this video could you help a brother out! HA XD. Anyways I think Justin’s tire slid out because of the shitty Shinko tires that were on there. That or he hit some rocks, or just lost control. My wreck I was throwing a business card at somebody and just barely dodged the truck. DON’T take your eyes off the road.
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Hacking SEO: How To Double Rankings in 90 Days

Clayton Wood joins SEMrush for a 5 step hacking roadmap explained in an actionable workshop style webinar. These are actionable things you can change to increase your traffic and rankings now.

1. Using SEMRush.com, gather all the rankings you’ve got to determine the baseline of your rankings.
2. Learn to use Google’s secret communication portal they reward you for using.
3. Steal the traffic from the major competition in your space.
4. Use the roadmap in Google Webmaster Tools.
5. Scale the unscalable SEO tasks and learn the tools to do it with.