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San Diego SEO Company : Internet Marketing | Full Digital Agency: Krasovetz Consulting, LLC

San Diego SEO and Internet Marketing Company offers a Video and Testimonial to help businesses capture more business and R.O.I. We are a full digital agency based in San Diego, CA. We also specialize in Android, Iphone, IPad Application Development, Search Engine Optimization, Facebook Advertising Mobile Application Media Production and Marketing Google Adwords and website design Krasovetz Consulting , LLC and client USKA Karate Academy

SEO Leeds | SEO Agency Leeds | SEO Services Leeds – Khemeia Consulting

Khemeia Consulting is an SEO agency offering digital marketing, social media marketing and SEO services to companies across Leeds, Bradford and Yorkshire.


Haroon Rashid, Head of Marketing at Khemeia Consulting introduces their SEO services. Not your typical digital marketing agency, Haroon explains how they have helped different companies across Yorkshire and what makes them so different from every other SEO agency in the UK.

Services: Digital marketing, social media marketing, SEO, web design, web development.

Khemeia Consulting – Digital Agency Leeds | SEO Leeds | SEO Agency Leeds | Digital Marketing Agency

Website Design, SEO & Internet Marketing Services from ABC Business Consulting

Want a stunning website that attracts visitors and converts traffic into customers? Look no farther than our full solution website design, search engine optimization and internet marketing packages…We have been successfully marketing on the internet for more than 12 years and can help your business capture a highly targeted and lucrative web presence with a website that strongly reflects your strategic vision and goals.

For more details on our proven website design, internet marketing and SEO services, please visit ABC Business Consulting:

Contact Frank Goley at ABC Business Consulting for more details on our Web Design and SEO Services: (757) 345-0968 or

Internet Marketing Consulting | SEO Expert | Video Marketing They offer SEO services, video marketing services, PPC management, social media marketing, and consulting. Propel your business to the next level with proven techniques that will dramatically increase your profits. Call 480-232-1848 to speak with one of their SEO experts.

Decatur Illinois Marketing Firm | Advertising Agency | SEO | Web Design Consulting | SimplySell®

Decatur Illinois marketing, advertising, SEO and web design expert Brian Tucker helps Decatur IL businesses attract more customers and sell more products and services. (217) 807-4600 He offers new sure-shot affordable marketing programs that bring in big results that pay area business owners back, fast.

SimplySell is the brainchild of marketing and sales improvement expert and industry veteran Brian Tucker has proven solutions to help area business quickly solve their two biggest business problems: finding more clients and selling more products and services.

“We’re very specialized in helping established businesses that approach their marketing in one of three types of ways: Often times they know what marketing is but don’t have the time or resources to do it. Then there are clients who’ve come to us after they’ve spent too much time and money trying market on their own and failed to see results. Finally, a lot of our clients don’t even know where to start. Most people think advertising is marketing, but it’s not.” says Tucker.

SimplySell takes a very specialized and painless approach to help clients understand what marketing really is and how they can make it go to work for them on autopilot to increase profits. Tucker works very intimately with clients explaining how in the past, all a business needed was a little phone book or radio advertising from a no-name salesman to bring buyers in the door. Nowadays, with Internet search engines — like Google or Yahoo — and social media technology taking over, most businesses are looking online to supplement and even replace traditional advertising methods like newspapers and television.

“Most new clients come to us because they are frustrated and financially exhausted. They’ve spent a lot of money on overpriced local advertising which isn’t working or they’re looking to get more bang for their buck.” Tucker explains” Other clients come to us because they’ve been let down by local advertising and marketing firms that focus on winning creative awards rather than bringing more business in the door. Then there’s the company with an awful looking website with no visitors. They’re basically paying for the equivalent of a billboard in the middle of a desert. Finally you have everyone out there claiming to be a search engine optimization expert (SEO) without systems that have stood the test time and clients thinking they need to be “at the top of Google.” We partner with our clients and educate them on what works for their business. Our solutions aren’t built solely on busy websites, flashy advertising or techno buzzwords. We take a very simple approach that focuses only on proven strategies that bring measureable and long-term results.”

Tucker’s SimplySell approach is founded on the time-proven basics of marketing, First by figuring out what clients or the “sellers” “want to say” about their products and services to a prospective client. From there, they identify the grass-roots features and benefits that make people want to buy and next identify who those potential targeted buyers are. Once that’s established, they then figure out where those prospective buyers are at and get the seller’s marketing messages in front of the buyers so clients start seeing money back in their pockets right away. “Time is money and money is always a concern so we focus on immediate results that start paying our clients back within the first few weeks.” Tucker emphasized. Our clients want to see something that works almost overnight while at the same time future-proofing their business.”

Although Tucker has spent the majority of his career helping large companies like Dell, British Petroleum, United Airlines and Brocade Communications, just to name a few — from million dollar businesses to government agencies and global, multi-billion dollar corporations — make big improvements to the way they sell, he also understands that every business, regardless of its size, fundamentally relies on sales to grow. And while no two businesses are alike, when it comes to selling and growing, most all of the fundamental problems preventing sales and growth are the same. “We understand one thing very well. If our clients fail to sell, then we’ve failed too.” says Tucker. “That’s our #1 priority, helping clients win more sales so they can ultimately make more money.”

“We offer a free no-obligation consultation to any executive or established business owner who wants to make change. We spend the extra time to ask a lot of questions, listen very closely and then we actually show real-live systems we’re using with similar clients as well as data-backed reports that show before and after results. The bottom-line for us is if we can’t help a client save money on their current advertising costs and start bringing in more clients right away to grow their business long-term, we don’t want to waste their time.” says Tucker in closing.

How To Become A local SEO And SEM Consultant | Local SEO Consulting Works

How To Become A local SEO And SEM Consultant Local SEO Consulting Works. How to become a local SEO or SEM consultant is not as hard as you may believe. There is no “serious” degree needed, nor do you need to be a techie geek. Local consulting not only works for your local businesses and driving them traffic online, but it help you to grow a long lasting business for yourself from the comfort of your home. How to become a local SEO and SEM consultant is simply learning the fundamentals of search engine optimization and following through with search engine marketing strategies. There is nothing more to this platform for making a great living from home and, being your own boss.