SEO (patrocinado) – Marketing Digital Link Patrocinado 2016 – AdWords entenda como funciona!

SEO – Marketing digital (Search Engine Optimization).
Entenda melhor o que é e como funciona o Google Adwords.

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SMM – Social Media


JM Internet Group – SEO, Social Media Marketing, and AdWords – Introduction

Welcome! (Go to for free videos and tutorials on SEO, Social Media Marketing, and AdWords). Our teaching philosophy is based on three elements. First, we make it easy. Second, we make it fun. And, third, we make it concrete. Check out this video for an introduction to how we teach our online classes.

How Google AdWords Changes affect You – SEM & SEO

How Google AdWords Changes affect You – SEM & SEO ‎

In the past, when a user performed a search on Google, the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) would show 3 featured ad placements and many on the right hand side.

Recently, AdWords removed these right hand ads and added another to the top, pushing down organic search results. What’s more is that they added paid ads to the bottom as well.

The good news for advertisers is the additional exposure on the main page.

This is bad news for businesses focusing on organic rankings through SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Click Through rates for the top organic positions are likely to decrease with the extra ad above the fold. On a mobile device, it’s probable in many cases that no organic results will show above the fold, therefore increasing the click through rates on the paid links and decreasing clicks on the organic results.

The bad news for advertisers is that less ads overall by default will create more competition for the visibility and therefore bids will likely increase raising costs for advertisers working to show on page one of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page.

When Google features the local pack of listings, ads will appear first, then local listings, and then organic results. Local is more important than ever and a focus on your NAP will be key. Set up your Google My Business, and keep your name, address, and phone consistent across all of your online channels to increase visibility in the local results on the SERP.

It will be interesting to see how these changes change click through rates and advertising costs, and I’ll be watching and reporting.

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“ytakademi” Temel Eğitimler 9 – YouTube Videoları için Google Adwords Reklamı Verme – Seo #2

“ytakademi” Temel Eğitimler 9 – YouTube Videoları için Google Adwords Reklamı Verme – Seo #2

Youtube seo ve google seo serisinden bir ders olan bu eğitim videomuzda , youtube videolarımız için nasıl google adwords reklamı verebileceğimizi anlattık.

Google adwords sayfasına da giriş yaparak temel bazı özelliklerine değindik. Google adwords video reklamı verirken hangi stratejileri kullanabileceğimizi açıkladık.

Sonuç olarak hem youtube videolarımız için adwords reklamını nasıl verebilceğimizi öğrendik hem de kullanabileceğimiz youtube seo ve google seo stratejilerine bir kaç yeni yöntem ekledik.


Konuyla ilgili detaylı bilgiye sahip olmak için videomuzu izleyebilirsiniz. Sormak istediğiniz her konuda bizlere ulaşabilir, “ytakademi” ailesine katılmak için başvuru yapabilirsiniz.









BAŞVURU İÇİN; Linke tıklayarak başvuru için yapmanız gerekenleri öğreneceğiniz sayfaya gidebilirsiniz;

Using Adwords Google Free Keyword Tool for SEO and Expanding Base Keyword

Using Adwords Google Free Keyword Tool for SEO and Expanding Base Keyword.




The google adwords free keyword tool is an excellent tool for expanding your root keyword list.

The google adwords free keywords tool is NOT even an OK tool for finding long tail keywords to optimize your content around. There are way too many people that use the google keyword tool so there are no low competition keywords to be found using it.

Proper use of the free google keyword tool involves:

❶ Input your root or main niche topic keyword.
❷ expand that root keyword list from one root
keyword to 50 or more keyword phrases related
to the root keyword thus expanding your root
keyword to 50 or 100 root keywords.
❸ Input every one of these keywords into a better
long tail keyword tool to find low competition
long tail keyword phrases.
❹ When you are finished you will have hundreds of
low competition, long tail keyword phrases. – Giant Array of Affiliate Marketing Software Tools including Link Cloaker, Content Spinner, Account Creator, Disposable Email and much more!

Dicas de SEO 2016 Planejador de Palavras Chave Google AdWords

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