Google SEO: Part 2 — Tricks, Tips and Resources for #1 Rankings

Subscribe on iTunes: – Insurance Marketing with John Carroll – Podcast In this 3rd episode of Insurance Marketing with John Carroll I explain tools and tricks to optimize your insurance agency to show up at the top of Google search results.

Listen to this episode to find out:

How to get #1 rankings on Google.
How “black-hat” SEO can destroy your rankings.
The detrimental step to take PRIOR TO ANY optimization.
Exactly what people near you are searching for on Google.
The most effective way to verify your Google business listing.
The best categories for your Google business profile.
How to get a professional web video created for your agency for .
Who are the 3 most important data aggregation companies for SEO.
The easiest way to get more links to your website.
How to use Facebook content for Google+

Resources mentioned in this podcast include:

Google Keyword Tool
Claim Your Google Business Profile
USPS Official Address Verification Tool
Best Categories For Your Google Business Profile
Professional Agency Videos For 5 Dollars
Check your website load speed with Pingdom
Universal Business Listings
Whitespark Local Citation Finder
The best types of links for insurance agency SEO
101 Ways to Build Links
How to get more reviews of your insurance agency
Google+ for Businesses
Agent Question Message Line: 1-877-871-9589 (call this number to ask a question to be answered live on the podcast)

There’s almost an entire hour of detailed explanation of how to get your agency to the top of the search results in Google including all my best tips and incredible resources to help you.

By the time I was done recording this episode I was so exhausted I had to lie down and go to sleep. Sure it was 1am, but that doesn’t change the fact that I poured my heart and soul out into the content of this podcast and I truly hope it helps you!

Thank you so much for listening,

Local SEO Checkup: How to Use Bright Local to Improve Rankings

Read more:
Bright Local will help you go through the local SEO process to help so you can generate more leads for any local business.

If you provide local SEO services to clients, Bright Local’s 7 tools will help you complete the process and track your progress as you go. There 7 tools include the following which you can find at the noted times in this video:

Local Search Rank Tracker (video starts at: 9:25)
Local SEO Checkup (video starts at: 13:20)
Citation Tracker (video starts at: 21:58)
Google+ Local Wizard (video starts at: 27:47)
Citation Burst (video starts at: 32:53)
Review Biz (video starts at: 35:20)
Review Flow (video starts at: 39:54)

In this video we cover each tool individually so you can get an inside look at exactly how it works so you know how to use it to increase your search engine rankings for any local business.

Bright local is simple, low cost and a tool you should absolutely be considering for a local website you’re looking to promote.

If you’re looking for SEO tools, you can find the top tools by category here:

SEO Analysis & Tricks to Increase Website Rankings

10 Things Your Business Website Should be Doing Right Now to Dominate Google

Mobile Friendly Test:

Load Speed Test:

100 Free Business Listings:

Easy Peasy Method to Get Listed in Over 100 Free Business Directories

Optimization Test:

Competition Analysis:

Backlink Checker:

Free Website Audit:

10 Things Your Business Website Should be Doing Right Now to Dominate Google [Video]

SEO Catalyst Demo Rankings – John Gibb’s SEO Tool

Visit or watch to learn more.

You can check my SEO Catalyst review on there and if you think it’s something you could use grab my exclusive bonus offer.

SC was developed by John Gibb as part of his tools used to manage the backlinking to his affiliate sites.

If you want to find out if it works or if it’s just another scam, then head over to my website (link about) and read/watch my detailed review.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity.

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SE Ranking Review + Secret Coupon 2016 Watch Before you buy SEO Rank Tracker

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SERanking Review . Watch Before you Buy SE Ranking – Powerful SEO Rank Checker

How It Works:

Signing up for SERanking is simple & easy and best of all it’s all cloud based. Simply sign up & add your site or sites. Additionally you can grab their mobile apps for access on the go. After verifying your site you can do a number of things through the admin panel. Tracking postions on keywords across search engines, do a website audit, backlink monitoring and so much more. It all depends on where you want to get started.

Your dashboard will show you all relative information from sites to positions and keywords. Tracking one or multiple sites all in one view panel filled with graphs & useful information. You can also add users to the permissions lists here & try some of their tools to help improve overall SEO on your sites.

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Features & Benefits:

Features of SE Ranking include:
● Keyword suggestion tool
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● Position Tracking
● Website Audit
● Marketing Planning Checklist
● SEO Reporting Tools
● iOS & Android Mobile Apps

All of this in a cloud platform. The great benefits of a tool like this is it’s accessible wherever you have an internet connection since it’s cloud based. You can control & monitor everything all in one easy to use panel. Create & monitor backlinks, get a detailed look at every click from users, and use their other tools to help build a more popular site. Getting all the relative information needed to improve overall traffic & retention on your site. Whether it’s independent webmasters or full on agencies using it SE Ranking packs all sorts of tools & usefulness.

SERanking Review . Watch Before you Buy SE Ranking – Powerful SEO Rank Checker

Summary & Coupon:

Overall SE Ranking is an essential tool for the webmaster or company looking to take their site to the next level & not just track but improve their traffic. Whether you’re doing a full scale audit of your website to analyze where the traffic is coming from or simply tracking how new keywords would test on search engines SE Ranking has you covered. SE Ranking Checker or Tracker tools are super useful & will have you improving traffic in no time.

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SERanking Review . Watch Before you Buy SE Ranking – Powerful SEO Rank Checker

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YMYL Schema Markup Plugin | Rocket Your Rankings | SEO | YMYL Themes, using the YMYL Schema Markup Plugin reveals the benefits of using Structured Data in our WordPress Websites.
Structured data is the big guy right now in logical semantics, and Google is investing a lot in it.
This plugin makes adding schema to your web pages as simple as possible!
Websites that use schema markup will rank better in the SERPs than companies without markup. Websites with markup rank an average of four positions higher in the SERPs than those without schema markup.
Right now, one third of Google’s search results incorporate rich snippets, which includes schema markup. Only 3% of all websites use schema markup.
In other words, there are millions of websites missing out on a huge source of SEO potential. If you use schema markup, you’ll automatically have a leg up on the vast majority of your competition.
Some people have taken to calling schema markup “your virtual business card.”
The more you markup, the better!
Schema markup helps your website rank better for all kinds of content types…
Local businesses
TV episodes and ratings
Book Reviews
Software Applications
There are hundreds of markup types — from toy stores to medical dose schedules.
E-Commerce has the most to gain with properly employed schema tags. Most e-Commerce sites feature thousands of pages (if not more) that are auto-generated for each product. This product likely has duplicate content provided by the manufacturer and isn’t doing much to increase the SEO of your site. By wrapping item details in structured data, you can get a HUGE leg up on the competition, getting your products in front of more users.
Your first step should be to integrate structured data into your website.
The YMYL Schema Markup Plugin
• Automatically creates and adds properly formatted structured data.
• It’s WooCommerce enabled with Schema Markup styled elements for each product you sell – A HUGE Rankings Boost!
• It uses WordPress shortcode to keep the schema data from breaking in the visual editor.
• It enables you to easily edit schemas you’ve already created.
• It provides unique CSS classes and IDs to enable you to customize the style of the microdata.
If Google algorithms can better understand your website content because of Structured Data usage, then we should all be using it.
Adding Structured Data to WordPress built sites can be complex to do by yourself. Many WP plugins for adding Markup do not validate against the latest Structured Data guidelines.
You can select one of the main schema types for your content. Depending on which one you choose, different text boxes will come up.
After that, you just need to fill in each of them one-by-one with appropriate values and click “insert” for the schema to be added to your page’s HTML code.
Microdata essentially send hidden messages to Google.
Every little edge you can get when it comes to SEO can be the difference between a bit of search traffic and a ton of traffic.
The point of microdata is to describe content.
Using microdata, you can help search engines classify the most important parts of your content.
Schema markup can lead to rich snippets, which will give you an instant boost to your organic search traffic.
Rich snippets can be a tremendous boost for your SEO!
“Richer results” is an appropriate term to use here because the way Google uses schema is to create “rich snippets.”
As you probably guessed, they almost always increase the click-through rate. Right away, this increases search engine traffic.
When something is that popular, you’ve usually fallen behind if you haven’t implemented it.
It’s easy to mess up schema unless you do it the correct way, which the YMYL Schema Markup Plugin is flawless at.
If you mess up your schema markup, the only ones who will notice are the search engines. Remember that schema never affects what the visitor sees unless you also mess up the existing HTML tags while you’re adding schema terms.
Having working schema is important, because if you don’t, you can’t get your rich snippets.
The best way to check the validity of your schema is by using another Google tool called the “structured data testing tool”, which is included in the YMYL Schema Markup Plugin.
It’s very simple to use: just click on the button at the top of every page and use the tool to check and validate your Schema Markup.
Now, Let Your WordPress Site Come Alive with NEW Meaning!
Purchase this powerful plugin, install it, activate it, and with just a few clicks, your site can be marked up correctly so that your website can also benefit from the ranking power of using Structured Data.
Please subscribe, comment, share, and get your Schema on!

How To Rank #1 In Google For ANY Keyword [OSEO-02]

What is the most important SEO question? – “How To Rank #1 In Google”!
What’s the answer? – Check who’s ranking #1, replicate ALL his links, go a step further and get even more links!
Here’s more to it –

The simple rule is: the more quality backlinks and referring domains you have, the higher you rank in Google.

The amount of links and the amount of referring domains is still a very powerful ranking factor!

So what can you do to outrank your competitors?

1. Use Ahrefs Site Explorer ( to analyse the backlinks profiles of those who rank #1 in Google.

2. Try to get a link from every single domain they’ve earned links from.

3. Go a step further and find a dozen or two more domains to get links from, so that eventually the number of links and referring domains on your site would be a lot bigger than your competitors have.

That would definitely help you to outrank them!

Ahrefs ►
Facebook ►
Twitter ►
Google+ ►
YouTube channel ►

SEO I Q – Powerful SEO Tool Gets You #1 Google Rankings Review

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