SEO Company selling SEO Services? I am helping your SEO Company with delivering your SEO Services!

SEO Company selling SEO Services? I can help you with delivering outstanding SEO Services! Contact me here:


My Name is Christian Weiss and I am ROI-focused SEO Consultant and digital marketing expert.

Since I do have some spare capacities I’d like to take this opportunity to offer your SEO Company my help with delivering it’s SEO Services.

In case you are running a SEO Company, a SEO Agency, a SEO Firm or if you just selling SEO Services of any kind and if you don’t have enough capacities to deliver outstanding results to all of your clients, I can help you.

I know that there are a lot of shady SEO experts out there who claim that they can deliver great SEO results. In order to prove to you that I am not one of these kind of SEO Consultants I have already ranked this video on Google for some pretty competitive search terms.

If you haven’t found this video on Google just go there real quick and type in the phrase
“SEO Company” or “SEO Services”. I think you already know how competitive these two phrases are. The both of them also have a monthly search volume of 33,100 each!

I think that this should already proof to you that I am really able to deliver best SEO Services to clients as well as any SEO Company.

So if your SEO Company has a lack of capacities and difficulties to satisfy all its SEO Clients at this time or if you just want to start selling white label SEO Services to your existing clients just get in touch with me here:

After you have submitted your information I will get back with you within 48 business hours to schedule a call with you. On this call we can get to know each other personally and figure out if and how I can help you with my SEO Services.

Of course this call is free of charge and without any obligation. If it works, we ‘ll both benefit. If it doesn’t it’s not bad as well.

With that being said I really look forward to hearing from your SEO Company.

Kind regards,

Christian Weiss

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SEO Company & SEO Services

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Talk to you soon,

Mike Piet
CEO and founder of Triple Your Traffic

“Triple Your Traffic” is rated one of the top SEO companies in New York (NY)

SEO stands for “search engine optimization” and used to increase the rankings for target keywords in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing

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I’ve been a New York SEO consultant for 6+ years along with running a very successful SEO company in New York. Most of our SEO clients live in New York as well.

Thanks for watching and hope to talk to you soon,

Mike Piet

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Did You Hire the Right SEO Company?

Did you hire an honest, trustworthy SEO company (, or have you been a victim of the “SEO sales machine”? Not all marketing companies are created equal, and many simply feed their clients’ money into ineffective PPC (pay-per-click) services instead of performing real, effective search engine optimization. Find out what sets SEO companies apart and whether or not you hired the right one!

Hire a Freelance SEO Or a Professional SEO Company? – Netpeak TV e.2

I’m sure you’ve received spam mails headlined “We’ll bring your site to the top in 2 weeks”, haven’t you? Of course, I’ve also receive such mails.

But why do you ever need Search Engine Optimization since you already make good money online anyway!
Don’t you? Oh, I bet you do.

Did you know that there are twenty-three thousand, five hundred and eighty seven (23,587) Ecommerce sites in the US with an annual turnover of more than a hundred thousand dollars (100 000 dollars) ?

Imagine all the employees of these sites coming together… They would outnumber fans at SuperBowl! And everyone shouts: My product is better, Buy my product!

But thank God, Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is a far cry from Super-Bowl stadium. One page here can only contain 10 links.

Hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of e-commerce sites are out of play (they are out of business).

So why do you need SEO and PPC?

To help you find your niche in online business? Definitely yes.
To avoid selling online just like at a flea market, but to be visible to those people who are looking for you and are ready to buy your product.

Yet you need to know one important thing. Website promotion is a matter of trust.

Who do you want to entrust the future of your business to?
SEO and PPC services in the market today are provided by freelancers and specialized agencies. So who is worth your trust?

Let’s start with freelancers advantages:

1. On the average, clients are 12% more satisfied with freelancers’ work efficiency. They pounce on a project as a lion on meat.

2. They can perform one-time tasks and you can entrust to them those tasks, you don’t want to hire a staff for.

3. Freelancers’ work is cheaper than agency services.

And now we’ll proceed to the facts freelancers will never tell you:

1. 70% of freelancers fail to meet deadlines.

2. If your contractor gets ill, no one will replace him/her.

3. Most freelancers have one-niche specialisation.

Freelancer doesn’t see the project in complex. He has no experience of working with more than 12 hundred projects. A Freelancer doesn’t have to manage anyone except himself. That’s why if it is required to add other specialists, a freelancer won’t be able to involve them. He’ll hardly know how to organize and motivate them.

4. Freelancers will give you what you ordered but not what you really need.

From our experience, 80% of clients’ tasks assigned to freelancers are not leading to expected results.

Yes! You probably should think twice!

Now let’s talk about agencies that offer SEO and PPC services.

What can we get?

1. Professional managers who will take on your project. An experienced manager will provide you with expert appraisal, discuss your business needs with you and clarify your goals. You can call him at anytime and ask about the current situation of your project.

2. The agency specialists have rich experience of working with sites of all sizes and types: from single page websites to large e-commerce stores. It goes without saying, that skills come with experience.

3. Agency specialists are constantly improving their knowledge. Specialists who fail agency evaluations usually become freelancers.

4. Specialists synergy. In a reputable agency, PPC, SEO, link building and guerrilla marketing, analytics and, if needed, programming specialists will work together on your project.

5. Automation and time saving. Respectable agencies have their own license software that optimizes business tasks solving. These services are usually developed by professional programmers and are much better than freelancers’ free software.

6. Transparency of work. You can control the stages of your project, thanks to the reports of specialists who work on your site promotion. Daily reporting is obligatory in serious agencies.

7. You won’t have any problems with documents for accounting department, with taxes and insurance.

What about minuses?

Yeah, agency services will cost you more.

In fact, agency services are more expensive only at a first glance. If you go deep down into it, you will see that altering careless work costs even twice more. In addition, the cost of agency services includes hiring not only a single person, but 3 to 6 professionals working on your project.

All the listed “for” and “against” arguments are based on our experience of working with various projects.

To sum up, I’d like to say that the choice depends on the specific situation and tasks, and you can’t always follow the same set of principles. I hope that among the described arguments you will find something that will help you make the optimal decision.

To find out more about Internet marketing, please read our blog and follow our pages on Facebook and on Twitter.

I am Austin,
See you next time on Netpeak TV!

Denver SEO – How to Find an SEO Company for 2014

Do you want to get more website traffic this year?

The economy is booming in Denver, which means ranking your business in the top spots in Google has gotten more difficult than ever. Ok, so our video may be a little cheesy, but if you are looking to launch a successful campaign for Denver SEO, you can’t just rely on agencies using the same old SEO strategies and tactics.
Here are a few things that are going to make the difference for finding an SEO partner that can help your business’ success online 2014:

(1) Finding a company that specializes in SEO — With algorithm updates happening all the time (Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird, etc.), you need a company that is keeping 100% of their focus on your website. Many website design firms & marketing agencies claim that they “do SEO to,” which typically means they have a guy or two they’ve brought in as their SEO guru. This is a far cry from a full staff of SEO experts & clients.

(2) Hire a local Denver SEO firm — There are a lot of nuances to the Mile High market and it’s better to have a partner that understands that. Honestly, you can also vet out whether a company is a legitimate SEO agency, a marketing agency moonlighting as SEO, or an SEO guy working out of his basement if you can meet them in person.

(3) More than just keyword optimization — If you have a company focusing just on things like keyword tags & titles, then you may be talking to someone who doesn’t have the depth of what you need. Here are some “buzz words” to listen for when talking to an SEO company to see if they are up on the latest 2014 trends:

a. Google Plus
b. Social Media Marketing & social Signals
c. Mobile
d. Semantic Search
e. Content Marketing
f. Blogging
g. Promotions & Influencer Outreach
h. Conversion Optimization
i. User Intent

(4) Continue to Ignore Guarantees — If you are talking to a company guaranteeing you something like ranking, be aware of the two biggest risks of this:
a. They are buying their way in via a Paid Search program.
b. They are going to pick keyword phrases that no one searches & that have no competition — those are easy keywords to guarantee ranking for, but won’t help improve your bottom line.

If you are looking for a good SEO company, you’ve got some great options here in the Denver market.

Seo Company Adelaide

SEO Company Adelaide Call 1300 796 774 for a FREE 0 Consultation & Audit

Here at the SEO Company Adelaide we specialise in search engine optimisation and social media marketing. If you run a business then you will know just how important it is to get your brand name in front of your potential customers and buyers.

Almost every business has a website these days. However, the main problem for most businesses is getting that website found. If you have customers interested in what you as a business have to offer, then it is vital that they can find you online when they do a search.

As you will be aware, competition for business is always tough. This is equally true in the online world. Therefore you need to stand out from the others and have your website ranking higher than theirs.

The higher that you rank in the search engines, then the more people will view your website, and as a result you achieve a number of important business targets:

• More visitors to your site
• That means more leads
• That in turn means more sales
• A better brand awareness of who you are

Selling your products and services online, or capturing email addresses and potential leads, has been proven to be the cheapest route to market. This is because it usually means the cost of fulfillment through an online channel is the cheapest method available.

In simple terms, that means your online channel and website will give you the best possible return on your investment.

We here at the SEO Company Adelaide know how to get your website ranked at the top of the search engines. We are experts in search engine optimisation and we understand how important it is to get your website right at the top of Google.

More importantly we also know how to keep it there so as you get the maximum return for your investment. The reality is that there are only ten searches on the first page of Google, and it is vital for your business and website to be ranking high at the top of that first page.

The SEO Company Adelaide knows how to get you there and how to keep you there so as potential customers and buyers will find your website and not that of your competition.

Investing a little money in a powerful SEO campaign can really boost your site and your business brand. This will result in more leads, more conversions and more sales through the cheapest channel to market available.

SEO Company Adelaide…pay for results-not for advertising!!!

Seo Services Adelaide
147 Pirie St
Adelaide, SA, 5000
1300 796 774

Call Seo Services Adelaide: 1300 796 774
Skype with Seo Services Adelaide: seo.specialists
Email Seo Services Adelaide:

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SEO company Calgary | Calgary AB 1 (403) 512-1467

SEO company calgary was voted one of the best SEO companies in Calgary AB 1 (403) 512-1467 They specialise in SEO services and lead generation.

Our team has an extensive knowledge in how the search engines work. We do in-depth industry research before working on the optimization of your website and it stand out every time.

***Included in your monthly payment is also Youtube commercial Videos that are SEO optimized that will drive 2x the web traffic.

We cover everything that it takes to get your website to the top. There is no hidden costs and it is all included in your monthly price.

We have all the trades in house on our team:
-Graphic designers
-Web developers

Each month we will be sending you a ranking report based on the progress of your website in the search engines via e-mail to keep you up to date.

We look forward to ranking you on the number one spot in Google’s search engine results page and having a long lasting relationship.

Lead Generation Marketing
1 (403) 512-1467


Miami SEO Company, (818) 538-4805 Miami SEO Services from 199/M

Miami SEO Company – (818) 538-4805 We offer the best Miami SEO services starting from 199/M. Our SEO company Miami will get your ranked on the 1st page in no time. Month to month contracts. Hire the best Miami SEO services today and Miami SEO experts. Affordable and professional search engine optimization Miami.