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Website SEO Analysis Tool for Website Metrics from Online Tools.

This is a five video series.

Introduction Video for Review:

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Backlink Analysis

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This is one of the most important aspects of SEO. Analysis of your site and the sites of your competitors. This tool makes it easy and saves you time and money.

Vlog #6: Website Audit

Serpstat Audit Tool is a good solution for those who want to rank higher in Search.
Every SEO campaign starts with the audit. Its main goal is to find all mistakes that have a negative impact on site’s rankings in Search. Site’s audit may become a long, complicated process, which costs a lot.
If you want to make it easier — Serpstat’s Site Audit Tool is an indispensable instrument. Regardless you are SEO specialist or website owner.

All you need is to put the domain into a search bar and press search. You will get a full list of errors that affect your site’s optimization. Their number and “weigh” form the basis of the SDO Score. This mark gives an overall rate on how well domain is optimized now.
By clicking on each group of errors, you can find valuable recommendations on how to fix them. Consequently, how to rank your website higher in Search.
You can carry out the site’s audit as often as necessary. We also store all history in Serpstat`s database for you to compare your success with previous audits.
Watch the video to learn more.

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How to perform a mobile SEO audit: Key criteria, validations & tools by Aleyda Solis

Aleyda is an International SEO Consultant -service that she provides with her company Orainti-, a blogger (Search Engine Land, State of Digital and Moz) and speaker (with more than 60 conferences in 15 countries in English and Spanish).

Included in Forbes as one of the 10 Digital Marketing specialists to follow in 2015 & in Business Insider as one of the 50 Online Marketing Influencers to Watch in 2016, she has more than 8 years of experience doing Search Engine Optimization for European, American and Latin-American companies, specializing in Multilingual, Multicountry & Mobile focused environments.

About Webinar
With more searches being done now in mobile devices doing a complete mobile SEO validation and establishing a multidevice SEO strategy is key to success in most industries. Aleyda Solis +4 In this Webinar, Aleyda will show how to effectively develop a mobile SEO audit, how to identify your mobile search potential to prioritize your efforts and validate from correct mobile Web configuration to speed & app indexing and continuous mobile search monitoring, for a successful process.

This webinar has extra features: Our Guests of Honor (confirmed) Gianluca Fiorelli, Alex Tachalova, Moosa Hemani, Michael Stricker, Nitin Manchanda and Roy Hinkis.

Academy of Internet Marketing –

SEO: How To Prioritize Issues After a Website Audit

Doing a site audit is a critical first step for many SEOs. But when there are thousands of errors, it’s hard to know where to start. In this 40-minute training, learn how to prioritize and tackle issues, using real-life audit results.

Recorded during a live online training session taught by Jon Henshaw, co-founder of Raven Tools, on Thursday, Feb. 20, 2013.

Home Page SEO Audit: How to Conduct an SEO Audit of Your Home Page

Your home page is the queen bee of your website. (Free class materials at You should carefully consider each and every keyword, word, phrase, sentence, etc. on your home page. You should write your home page TITLE tag and META DESCRIPTION tag like they are poetry. You should architect everything that is ‘one click’ from your home page to landing pages as critical signals to Google about what your page is about. And you should have images on your home page with the ALT attribute defined. In this video, we’ll compare home pages in the insurance industry as we do an SEO Home Page Audit. Let’s get started!

ContentLook WordPress Plugin

ContentLook helps you take a look at your whole Content Marketing strategy, including your 6 main areas: Blogging, Traffic, Social Media, SEO, Links and Authority.

With a simple look, you can see which areas need your immediate attention and you can start fixing them. If you want, you can send the report to one of your team mates and get him to fix that issue. You can even send them to your team, by departments (the content writers, developers, seo people, marketers, managers, etc.).

You’ll get Actionable steps to solve each issue, and also some PRO Tips to help you out.

If your developers need “solid” documentation about some of the issues, you’ll have that for them as well with ContentLook. You can always get easy tips and easy to follow instructions, but you can also get some pretty heavy details, if your team requires this from you.