New York City – Manhattan – Bike Ride

Although numerous bicycle paths, lanes and routes are stretched throughout New York City streets, it seems that most New Yorkers and visitors prefer to ride along the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway.
As my fourth visit to New York approached, riding bicycle in Manhattan’s busy streets seemed like a desirable activity.
The warm-up was along the Greenway, north on the Harlem River side up to the northern tip of Manhattan, then south along the Hudson River, then cutting east towards Columbus Square to start the ‘real’ streets ride.
The part that I documented by video goes south along Broadway bicycle path, through Union Square and further south towards Chinatown and Delancey street. I continued to ride through Williamsburg bridge to Brooklyn and north through Pulaski Bridge to Queens, getting back to Manhattan through Queensboro Bridge (Only the bridges rides are captured on video).
Yes, it was “a helluva ride” in “a helluva town”.
Riding along the Greenway is one thing, riding in Broadway is another, and riding along the bridges is another another. It is an exciting way to experience the streets on two wheels, while even overcoming obstacles on the way become and experience (or maybe it -is- the experience 🙂
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Driving to New York City – Part 4 – Newark Liberty Airport, Manhattan Skyline, Lincoln Tunnel

Welcome to the final video of the road trip to New York City! In the first portion of this video we are passing by Newark Liberty Airport, just off to our left on the NJ Turnpike. Then further along we have views off to our right of the Manhattan skyline; afterward, we show us entering and traveling through the Lincoln Tunnel into Midtown Manhattan! However, once we get into Manhattan, its pouring rain – as if this city isn’t hard enough to get around in! Either way, we made it – so many Taste Tours (and perhaps other videos) to come! Enjoy!!

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New York Graffiti | Tuff City Manhattan | Graffiti Power | Painting the “train”
Instagram: Brasil_Suecia

A trip back to where graffiti started: New York. Took a day off to paint a big color piece at the train car at Tuff City, 17 Essex street. Thanks to the owners of Tuff City for providing the spot with such a short notice and to Rubin for giving me heads up about the place.

First time I painted with Montana 94 and Montana Hardcore 2 which resulted in some minor mistakes choosing caps, but overall it came out clean.

Music: RJD2 – Ghostwriter.
Camera: GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition.