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For most of us a nap is something we hated as a child, but would love as an adult. However, in terms of local citations it helps legitimize your business to various search engines. NAP stands for Name, Address, Phone.

When your NAP is constant across various online sources, search engine are more confident that your business is “real.”
Why is a Local Citation and NAP Essential for Local SEO?

Here are just a few of the top reasons local citations are important for Local SEO.

1. They offer validation that your business is a part of the community and is something of value. Proving to different sites and directories that your business is real will improve your local search engine rankings. The higher the rank, the better off you will be.

2. It enhances your consistency. For example, the more that a search engine, such as Google, sees that your business is consistent, the better. If contact information is frequently changing, your company does appear that solid.

3. It is ideal for businesses in a smaller niche. Smaller vocations, such as plumbing, counseling, or HVAC repair, may not have a website. When minimal information is available, search engines rely greatly on any information they can find.

4. It helps local search results provide relevant businesses closest to the person that is performing the search.

The thing is that just having your citations published isn’t enough. You need to maintain them and be sure that their are not any duplications. Also, your NAP must be consistent.

When I say your NAP must be consistent, many will say that means EXACTLY THE SAME. If you abbreviate your St., Rd, Ave or Blvd, it should be abbreviated everywhere – including your website.

While I think that search engines are smart enough to understand abbreviations like St, Ave, etc, when I publish local citations for my clients and my business, I do make them exactly the same.

Here is an example:

ABC Printers
1234 Main St
Some City, PA 15236

This is not the same as…

ABC Printing
1234 Main Street
Some City, PA 15236

How Local Citations Work

Now that you understand that local citations are important for your business and local SEO, you are wondering how in the world people would come across your business’ local citation.

If someone were to search for “pizza restaurant in Atlanta”, and you owned Johnny’s Pizza on Peachtree St., your local citation would be almost certain to appear.

If you have a Google My Business Page, your pizza restaurant would most likely show up in a list of pizza restaurants in Google’s local search results. This works great when people search for a certain neighborhood.

Your Google Page will definitely help you, but your local citations on other sites will helps as well. Many of the business directories like and review sites like have a lot of authority and will show up in the search results, which means your business is in front of people without them even finding your website.

Also, many people directly search these directories for local businesses. Submitting your NAP to the most popular sites almost guarantees people will discover your business.

There is one more thing about these local citations. Since phones use current location and many browsers and computers do too, when a person searches for a local business, the results are according to their current location. This means that having your NAP on these sites, you have a better chance of a targeted customer finding your business when they are in the area and ready to buy now!

So, what are people looking for with local search?

1. For a phone number
2. For a location/address
3. Ratings and reviews
4. For special offers
5. Driving directions
6. Nearby restaurant “Near Me” Search
7. A business that offers a service or product they need

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Business Directory & Local SEO Resources – Business Directory & Local SEO Resources

Directory Net is a local business directory and the latest source for local SEO citations. Sign up today and get a free business directory listing and company activity stream. We want to develop a trusted business directory and create local SEO related articles and content to help small business owners and SEO agencies better understand local SEO. We aim to become the worlds go-to source for Google Places for Business citations. Mastering local SEO can build amazing amounts of traffic via “local keywords” (I.E. — terms like “New York Lawyer” or “LA Dentist”, etc.). To be clear, we provide your business/clients with a unique “location” citation via the Google map API service that further reinforces your existing Google Places listing(s) along with a company activity stream that you can use to further promote your company website.

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Best and Affordable Local SEO Services Company New Jersey [NJ]

More than an SEO Specialist, I am also an entrepreneur. I understand how important it is that your business is seen by thousands of potential customers online. It’s a fact that websites on the first page of Google results receive 5x MORE visitors. More visitors mean more chances of getting leads or even sales.

Any business that services a localized client base is a good candidate for local SEO. If you have a single location, multiple locations across the U.S., or you take your services to clients, local SEO can be an effective strategy to adopt.
When you speak with an SEO consultant they will be able to give you an estimate of the amount of people searching in your area for your service. If local SEO is not a good fit for you, we will tell you

The cost of any SEO program varies greatly depending upon your location and the competition from your competitors. If you want to know a more specific price please visit our site – for the specific details of your business.

No, this is wrong, Abosolutely not wrong. You don’t need a website just to get traffic by ranking top at search engines. In this services, we are using YouTube videos. Now, Why YT Videos? Learn more here –

Local SEO Citations | How To Get Local Business Found Online

Local SEO and how to get local business found online through citations is not only simple to do, but simple to understand why you need them. Here is a simple overview of the how and why you need to get these citations to your business and the necessity of getting your business online now.

Local SEO and how to get your local business website found online will come through not only link building, but through simple citations created through FREE platforms. These citation work like links, but they do have a different spin to them that most online marketers and SEO’s do not talk too much about, but we will here. Where to get the citations is simple and free. Many of the platforms are familiar to many of us as they have been offline methods many have used for so long. Today however, we have these same advertising platforms online and ready for you to use. Here is a list of some of the top rated platforms online:

Magic yellow
City search
Insider pages
Merchant circle
City voter

Local search engine optimization, based around your website, will be most important as well. Some over the last few years have spent tons of money out of pocket for this to be done for them thinking they have no time to learn or apply. This is not true. Learning to do your own online marketing and how to get your local business found online is both easy and can be learned within just a few weeks as well as mastered.

How to choose a local SEO company

For me personally, when people talk about choosing an SEO company it almost falls into the same category as choosing a construction company. People, they’re wary about working with construction companies because they know that there are a lot of people that do shoddy jobs. They’re basically service providers that you’re not going to be satisfied with at the end of the day. Choosing a good SEO company can be done the same way that you would choose other companies. I would definitely suggest talking to your network of friends, to your business contacts.
Asking around, seeing what is a good, established company in your local city. Another interesting trick is to actually go on Google and type the keywords SEO company and then your city. The idea here is that a company who is ranking first for those keywords because in the end of the day, that’s what you’re going to try to do for your business.

The company that is ranking number one for SEO company in your city is a company that actually knows what they’re doing because they’re number one for that specific keyword term. Another thing that I would highly recommend doing and it involves a little bit more work.

But in every major city or a big city that is next to where you are living, there is always going to be SEO conference. Is to look at the companies which are present at those SEO meet ups. Because those providers, they’re established. They usually know what they are doing.

Another thing is to just invite them in, talk to them, ask them what they’re going to do for you exactly. If a company tells you that they can guarantee you results, they’re saying don’t worry about it just give us the contract. Then we’re going to get you to the top.

Don’t deal with them. This is a lie. No one in SEO business can guarantee you that you’re going to be in the rankings. The only thing that they can guarantee is that you’re going to be in the top 10 results. This is something that’s very reasonable. If a company promises you that, that’s fine.

Talk to them, feel them out, see what they’re going to offer. Are they going to do on-site SEO or are they going to do off-site SEO? If a company comes in and they’re telling you, “We’re leaving your website as is. Don’t worry about it. Just give us some money and we’re going to get your rankings,” it’s most probably a lie.

A company that does it seriously is someone who’s going to come in. They’re going to sit down. They’re going to see the material that they’re using. They’re going to start shifting things around on the website prior to doing the actual link building. They will be adding interesting content. They will be probably adding additional articles. If you’re working with an SEO company, they should also definitely give you a list of keywords for which they’re trying to get you the rankings.

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Local SEO and Business Listings WordPress Plugin Overview

The Local SEO and Business Listings WordPress Plugin by WP Gel and Powered by Local Adworks is the first of its kind and the only tool businesses need to optimize their website for local search.

The Local SEO and Business Listings WordPress Plugin allows you to optimize your local business website through a step by step actionable Local SEO Guide and a host of tools proven to increase web rankings. You will also be able to identify any missing or incorrect business listings that may be decreasing your rankings in local search.

SEO expertise is NOT required to utilize this Plugin and optimize your website for Local Search. With the Step by Step Local SEO Guide we will walk you through the process.

This plugin comes packed with a host of tools that include:

1. A Local SEO Guide with step by step actionable items
2. Keyword Rank Tracking
3. Competitor Analysis
4. Web Analytics
5. Search Metrics
6. Social Engagement
7. Web Buzz Monitoring
8. Website & Content Submission Tools
9. Backlink Quality Check
10. Competitor Backlink Spy
11. Keyword Research
12. Landing Page Optimization
13. Website SEO Audit
14. Sitemap Generator
15. Internal Link Audit and Optimization

… and much, much more.

With one click you can run a Local Business Listings Report to see where you have missing or incorrect citations (business listings) across all the major local business aggregator websites like Yelp,, Facebook, Bing Local, Google My Business and more.

This Plugin gives you all the tools you need to out rank your competitors in local search.

LOCAL SEO | Getting Your Business Found in Your Local Market
These days, local SEO and National online promotion means so much more than just having a properly optimized website. During the past couple of years, organic search results of Google’s video integration and Google Plus Local listings in its organic search results have dramatically extended the available promotional avenues for small businesses. Local SEO Deals range of services is specifically designed to help you make the most of the ever growing opportunities presented by the evolution of online commerce.
Google Plus Local Optimization
Google Plus Local has long surpassed traditional business directories such as Yellow Pages and regarded as the world’s leading source of local business information. In fact, so many people are now using Google to find local products and services that a properly optimized Google Plus Local listing will often be the crucial difference between success and failure. Take a look at our Google Plus Local Optimization page for more information.

Local SEO 2016 – how to put your business on Google maps.

Learn how to set up Google My Business in under 5 – 10 minutes. Make the most of Local SEO 2016 with Web Swift SEO Tutorials and put your business on Google maps to increase traffic by following a few basic steps:

1. Log into Google My Business (GMB).
2. Add your Business.
3. Fill in your Business Details.
4. Edit info and fill out more details including website address and opening hours.
5. Proceed to have verification code mailed to your Business address.
6. When the code comes in the mail, enter the verification code in your GMB dashboard.

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Citations For Local SEO

Why Citations Are Important For Local Businesses

Citations and SEO for Local Businesses
Operation Web
34-330 Gateway Drive, Suite 110
Palm Desert, CA 92211

Google Plus:
Running Any Business Better With Sharp SEO Skills
There are a lot of people who have great ideas for services and products that others would need, but they just don’t know how to present these thing effectively online. They may try SEO methods to increase targeted traffic to their websites, but not have the expertise to make it work. In this case, it’s a good idea to consult with an SEO services company.
A professional SEO consultant can help you optimize your website for search engine indexing. SEO is a complex and ever-evolving process, and you simply cannot keep up with it and still devote sufficient time to your website’s core business. An SEO professional, though, is expert in all the latest wrinkles in the search engine optimization process.

Make sure to have links that allow visitors to favorite your website on social networking sites. Word of mouth can be a significant asset to your website. Every time a person likes your site on a social network site, it becomes more popular and easier to find on search engines.
SEO For Local Business
A good way to increase search engine optimization is to make deals and get to know other websites. You should talk to the leaders or makers of other leading websites and ask if they could provide a link to your website. In return you should do the same thing.
For the best results in search engine optimization, be sure to use only the highest quality of content. It doesn’t matter how many great keywords you have in an article if the article is dull, trite, or simply badly written. Search engine bots are not going to buy your product or service, people are. If your article can’t impress people your search engine rankings won’t matter.
If you are trying to search engine optimize a blog, consider enabling comments. Some people turn off comments for fear of spam, but by allowing visitors to comment on articles within your blog, you can get free, unique content for your blog. Search engines love unique content, so comments can help your blog rank higher in search engine results pages.
After all is said and done, if you are having trouble figuring out SEO on your own and you hire an SEO services company to help you, they should do more than just funnel traffic into your website. The main thing that they should accomplish is to optimize your website so that visitors stay, once there. Additionally, they should help you build a website that will continue to attract new visitors in a natural way.