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How To Improve Local SEO | SEO Auckland

Local SEO is mainly built up around a few key factors such as citations and reviews. Experts are saying citations make up 25% of the local search engine ranking factors which makes citations the most important factor in local SEO!

This video explains exactly what we mean by a citation and how you can build them yourself for greater success in your business! Also below are some more great tips about going local.

What You Can Expect From The Famous 5 Step Guide To Local SEO

Your endless head scratching is over. In plain English we explain exactly how to get your business on the front page of Google and how exactly you can take advantage of all the new features Google is releasing to help local and small businesses owners like you grow!

When I first talk to clients I always get a few funny answers when I ask them what they think their competitors are doing to get on the front page.

Seriously… the answers range from ‘the government’ to ‘magic’… I really like to think of myself as a SEO wizard but the answer is actually a lot more simple.

In this famous 5 easy step guide I’ll be taking you through the exact process to get your business on Google Local which, if you take a glance at the picture below, you’ll see appears above the organic results and also has it’s own review section, Google+ section and is highlighted to stand out of the ordinary results.

4 Reasons Local Is More Powerful Than Harry Potter And Is Here To Stay

To understand why local is so powerful we first must take a look at the behemoth Google herself. The search engine is around to serve one purpose, give you the most accurate results for your search query.

If you’re searching pictures of cute puppies, you want the picture below to come up.

The same goes for if you’re searching for a hairdressers. It makes sense to show the hairdressers in your area before it shows the hairdressers further away.

This is how we know this Google Local is not going away. If anything there will be more and more emphasis on local results over the next few years, which means if you set this up today, you’ll be reaping the benefits for the lifetime of your business… which is a pretty big deal.

Google Local Appears Above Organic

I hope you take a moment to really let that sink in. Google Local is appearing above organic results. Companies are spending 0,000+ a year to maintain that number one position on certain keywords and I’m telling you here today that your local business can appear above that! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

This is why I’m telling local, national, and even international companies to get on local! Local doesn’t provide small improvements to your online presence, it has the potential to double and even triple profits!

So I hope you finally understand that local is important. If you still haven’t quite got it yet put a Post-It note on your computer to remind yourself everyday!

1 Main Factors To Rank Ahead Of Your Competitors

Now we’ll go through a bit of what really makes your business appear above other businesses.

I’ll make sure this section is in English. A lot of ‘SEO experts’ like to confuse their clients so they can charge more which isn’t really fair. For this section lets treat Google like a person (as it almost is!). Both Google and people are after the same thing, clear messaging, a great looking and easy to navigate site, and proof that other people are also loving what you do.

So without further ado, the main factors!

Setting up your local presence all starts with Google Business. Google Business is a free tool that Google provides and it acts kind of like a Facebook company page or a LinkedIn business page. Difference is Google Business has taken some serious steroids.

On-Page Factors

This is the message your business sends on your website.

A clear message is vital. If you cut hair, someone visiting your website needs to be able to tell you cut hair in the first 5 seconds. You need to have other pages describing what hair you cut, how you cut hair, what people can expect etc. If people (and Google) can’t clearly figure out you cut hair, you’re in trouble!

If you have any questions, make sure you comment below as I personally read and respond to every question asked.

Thanks for checking out the video. Here are some important links.

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Local Search Marketing – Pillar #2 – Citations – Where to Get – Local SEO

In the three pillars of local search marketing, citations is the most important and most misunderstood method to improve ranking.

This isn’t about getting hundreds of citations for your business…this is about focusing on how to earn those very high authority citations that’ll boost you far into the local SEO stratosphere.

Learn strategies for using proven marketing skills to earn very high authority citations.

Discover how to get citations in local newspapers, local publications, local networking groups and client involvement with the local business online.

Walk away with a citation strategy that you can implement immediately for any local business.


Common Myths of Local Search Marketing | Local SEO Tips | Edge of the Web Radio

Local SEO Marketing is big right now. With the growth of mobile search, Google has made an effort to improve their user interactions with mobile devices and local search. But with this growth, there are a lot of myths associated with local SEO. At Site Strategics, we pride ourselves in our local SEO service and we go over a recent article by Search Engine Land that had the top 10 myths about Local SEO. We agree and disagree with a few of their myths. Watch the video above to keep up with our tips and reaction to some of these Local SEO myths.

We continue our series in how to remove a Google Penalty using the Google Disavow Links tool. This segment explains how to identify which links are bad and which links you should keep. Plus we give an explanation of anchor text and how that affects your backlink profile.

Leave your comments and questions in the comment section below.

This video is a segment from the 82nd episode of Edge of the Web Radio with Erin Sparks (@erinsparks), Tom Brodbeck (@tbrodbeck), and Douglas Karr (@douglaskarr). To learn more about Edge of the Web Radio, visit our websites: and

Edge of the Web Radio is brought to you by Site Strategics. Site Strategics is a web design and marketing services company that not only helps business owners look good on the Internet, but helps ensure you come to top positions on major search engines. Are you looking for a SEO professional firm? Site Strategics curtails its business to Indianapolis, Indiana — but also works nationwide. To learn more, visit our website:

Local Search SEO Services: 72HoursWeb

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Then you’ll love this video where we show you how our local search listing service helps get our clients’ business websites on the first page of Google’s #SERP.

How does it work?

At 72HoursWeb, we know how difficult reaching your local target audience can be. This is why we’ve developed a multi-layered local SEO strategy that is: Fast, Affordable and All-In-One local search listings for #SEO web results.

Your local presence rests heavily on proper categorization of your business and the uniform #NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) in not just one, but also multiple channels.

72HoursWeb, your local presence listings experts, knows that it’s not just enough to be listed only on Google, only on Yelp, or any other major listing site for that matter. With 72HoursWeb, you can be on top of local search SEO listings. We’ll place your business website in over 50 directories and listing sites, making sure that your information is up-to-date and your company is properly categorized.

There’s no need to spend countless time and money to place your business in different local SEO portals and local search listing sites. All we ask is a few minutes of your time, a single form, and a one-time payment. Once that’s completed, you’ll be well on your way to getting your business on over 50 search directories and listings, geared toward your target audience. Sit back, relax and watch your site’s traffic improve.

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