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NJSEOs provides professional North Jersey SEO services throughout the east coast of the United States. Whether you live in NJ, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida or anywhere else, we know how to rank your local business well in your geographical target market. Give us the opportunity to discuss with your our unique SEO approach to driving you local and national traffic.

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Local SEO Citation Building | Michigan SEO Company

Local SEO Citation Building for Businesses | Michigan SEO Company

Local SEO Citation Building for Businesses | Michigan SEO Company

In this Local Marketing Report we are going to discuss how to improve your Local SEO by getting citations to your business website.

What Is A Business Citation?

According to GetListed.Org’s Resource Glossary, citation is a mention of a business name in close proximity to its address, phone number, or both. Used by the search engines to weigh both the accuracy and popularity of businesses in their indexes.

For short, we call this your NAP (Name, Address & Phone). I also include the “W” for your website. 🙂

It will be formatted like this:

Your Business Name
1122 Any Street
Suite/PO Box
City, State Zip Code
Website Url

Why These Citations Are Important To Your Local Business

These citations, also called “mentions”, of your business name address on other web pages is important because they are an important factor of the ranking algorithims of the major search engines. In laymen terms, your business will rank higher with more citations then with fewer.

Citations coming from more well-established and well-indexed portals (Such as Superpages.com) will only increase the degree of trust that the search engines have about your business information.

If your business is in a less-competitive industry (electrician or plumber) where many may not have a website, then it is very important that you have as many citations as possible.

Where to Get Citations to Improve Your Local Search Engine Rankings

Although there are several places you can get citations for your business, we are only going to focus on one way in this article – Local Search Engines.

These local search engines quite often crawl each other looking for mentions of your business and it’s information to index. Some of these data aggregators (Info USA) and engines share information with each other.

A good, FREE resource that can help us gather these local search engines together in one place is GetListed.org.

The best way to teach you how to find these is to show you. In the video below, I take you through how to use Get Listed’s website to build your citations for your business.

Local SEO Citation Building for Businesses | Michigan SEO Company

Local SEO Citation TOC:
00:00 – local seo citations
00:05 – local seo citation building
01:01 – local seo citation tool
01:45 – local seo citation sources
04:35 – citations for local search
05:26 – citations for local seo
06:28 – business citations
08:41 – citations for local listings

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How Local SEO Services Can Help A Small Business In Tamworth

Affordable small business seo services are helping businesses of all sizes get seen locally. Notice the difference in results between cheap seo, when company owners try to do it themselves and what an affordable seo company in the UK is able to achieve. Staffordshire Webmaster http://staffordshirewebmaster.com offers local affordable small business seo services in the Staffordshire area, that give owners an opportunity to be seen at the top of the local search results and so increase custom.

Local SEO Services | Your Local SEO company (877) 304-7990

Best local SEO services for small business! We are the local SEO company more small businesses turn to for affordable SEO solutions.

SEO & Lead Generation Consultant

Lead Generation For Contractors

Many small business owners struggle to keep up with the fast paced and ever changing online marketing world. Turn to a agency that specializes in small business SEO services, delivering top rankings for local SEO and organic SEO search results.

Search engine optimization is confusing and difficult to do for most local businesses. If it is done incorrectly it can cost your website rankings but even worse if Google determines that the work as spammy or against Google policies the site can be penalized. Depending on the severity of the penalty it can be an expensive process to get the site out of penalty

Because your website is the life blood of your business lead generation program, the risk is just too big.

Turn to a local SEO agency that knows how do the job right and bring you safe, long term rankings

Local SEO Services | Your Local SEO company

Best Local SEO Services Melbourne Australia | Get Your Local Business On Page #1 Google Guaranteed!

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Are you looking for a top local SEO service consultant in Melbourne or Australia? Do you want more exposure on Google and a Social Media Presence? Ben Cross has been helping local business’s all around Australia with SEO service’s. His specializes in getting you on page 1 Google for keywords related to your local business!

Talk to Ben today to discuss SEO strategies for your local business what ever
it may be? Dentist, Auto Mechanic, Plumber, Painter, etc…

Ben Cross can be contacted by telephone at 040-961-3671 too discuss
SEO stategies for your local business and free consulting!

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Local SEO Services for Businesses | The On-Page SEO Checklist for Local Business Websites

SEO Company Bangalore The On-Page SEO Checklist for Local Business Websites | http://www.seofeatures.com

1. Optimize your logo

Use your business name and city in logo file name and image alt tag. For example,if you own a coffee bar named Baans in Campden, name your logo file logo-baans-coffee-bar-campden.jpg

Your logo is in the most prominent position of each webpage, and an important website component – don’t neglect the opportunity it presents.

2. Position your website NAPs in prominent position

Ensure that your business name, address and local phone number (NAPs) are displayed in a prominent position throughout your website. As a minimum include your NAPs in your footer and contact page.

Wherever your display your NAPs, make sure that there are no other addresses present on the page, as this could confuse a robot enough to undo much of the effectiveness of your local SEO work.

3.Include a Google Map and driving directions on your website

Offer a Google Map with directions on your contact page. This helps to further reinforce the idea of where you are located, whilst also proving helpful to your clients in finding you.

4. Include your city and region in titles and descriptions

Add your city and/or region to the meta titles and descriptions on important pages to further reinforce your business location.

When you go head to hear with a local competitor on search engine results pages (SERPS), inclusion of your location in the title or description could be enough to encourage the search engines to rank you above them, as well as persuading customers to click through to your website due to the additional location information. Simple but highly effective.

5. Use your location naturally in your content and link out to leading local website resources
Refer to your location throughout your website content and link where appropriate to other important and relevant local businesses, places and events.

As with any webpage built with Semantic Search in mind, content writing should be done in a natural way that adds value to your website and user experience.

6. Use correct language and region tags

This is one is a no-brainer yet generally overlooked by web designers. Check that your website uses the correct language and region tags. The abbreviation indicates to search engines your audience language, and when present, the second abbreviation indicates the target country.

For example, “en” should be used for an English language website without a specific target region; “en-GB” is for an English language website targeting users in Great Britain; whilst “en-US” is for an English language website targeting users in the USA. You can find more information on Google Webmaster.

7. Use Schema.org for local business

Schema.org is a powerful yet still massively under-used SEO tool that allows your website to stand out in search (incredibly just 0.3% of websites currently use Schema). Instead of a standard listing with title, and webpage description, Schema is used to enhance your listing to include product photos, ratings, product prices, dates and (importantly here) your business address.

By making your website stand out against competitors, Schema can greatly improve your click-through-rate from search rankings and hence website traffic. Our blog “the perfect search engine listing” demonstrates visually the advantages of Schema.

Use the Google rich snippet tool to find out if your website has Address Schema implemented correctly. You can find out more about local business schema here.

8. Implement Google Authorship

Setting up Google Authorship on your website can improve your click-through-rate from search engine ranking pages. This is all the more true if you are well-known locally.

9. Increase your reach by presenting your team on your website

If you have local people working for you, consider (with their consent) showcasing their talents on your website and social networks. If your team have an expertise, you could even involve them in the website blog. Be sure to use Schema for individuals.

It can be beneficial for both your employee and yourself to link between their professional social network profiles such as LinkedIn and your business website. As well as adding the real-company real-people touch to your website, the more interactive your website is and the more people you get involved generally the better.

10. Invite local publicity

Organize local events and initiatives through your website. This is a great way to generate local press interest.

Again give yourself the competitive advantage by using Event and Offer Schema where possible

Links from local news sites and micro-blogs send out a strong signal as to your influence and presence within your local community.

Credits: jeyjoo

Our Services:

SEO Company Bangalore: http://www.seofeatures.com/search-engine-optimization.html
Social Media Service : Bangalore: http://www.seofeatures.com/social-media-services.html


Burlington SEO Services – Local Business Citations

http://www.BurlingtonSEO.org/services talks about Local Business Citations. What are Business Citations? Are Local Citations Important for Search Engine Optimization Strategies? The One
Crucial Optimization Factor That Is Killing Your Chance of Ranking in Local Maps Search Results.

A business citation is a mention of your company anywhere on the internet that includes any combination of your company’s name, address, phone number and link to your website or social media properties. http://yelp.com and http://yp.ca are just two of many business citation sites online.

Want to check how many citations your company currently has then type your business name into http://www.google.com and then just your address. The results on the first 3 pages of the search
will give you a rough idea of many local business citations have already been created. Most likely created from data aggregators without any involvement from you or your staff.

This is where potential disaster lies for you business! In the accuracy of the data provided to these citation sites from the aggregators. Definitely going to want to watch Optimize Google Plus My Business at the link below – follow along or just get us to do it for you.

Watch part one of our ongoing video seo series below:

Burlington SEO – How To Rank A New Website Fast https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpvY1R6XS9c

Subscribe to the Burlington SEO Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-rYhqY2vWalkWSPGhYFZHA

Burlington SEO Services – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDt2f48YNXU – Reputation Management
Burlington SEO Services – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7qIS3IKvg4 – Web Design
Burlington SEO Services – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6krRvq_0XY – Search Engine Optimization
Burlington SEO Services – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W24ZneKOLaM- Google Plus My Business
Burlington SEO Services – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrfB46y9j6s – Optimize Google Plus My Business
Burlington SEO Services – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bu2Y8YSI21I – Local Business Citations

Local SEO services Trusted by over 1000 businesses

http://rankwords.com – Local seo services Trusted by over 1000 businesses

Are you a local business, looking for more customers?
We at Rankwords can help you to find more customers by ranking your business in the first page of Google for your customer searchable keywords in your local area. This is called Local SEO.

Who needs Local SEO service?
Virtually Any Business or Company that serves a LOCAL Area!
It can be any of the following below.
Salons Restaurants Car Dealers Chiropractors Accountant Pizza Photographers Locksmith Mechanics Lawyers
Nail salons Real Estate Fast Food
Dentists Movers Electricians Plumbers

Benefits of Local SEO?
You get more Leads
Local SEO works better than Paid advertisement
Positive return on Investment

What is Local SEO Worth?
It is worth anywhere between 00.00 to ,000,000.00 per year depending on your business and city.
Ex. A Personal injury Lawyer at New York City, ranking in the first page of Google at the top of the maps might earn more comparing to a Plumber located at a small town area with similar rankings.

Why should you hire us for Local SEO services?
• We Guarantee first page Google Results in 90 days.
• If we don’t deliver results then you will get 100% refund.
• Affordable pricing of 9/month
• We completely follow Google guidelines.

What we do?
• Keyword and competitor research for your business in your local area
• Create and verify your Google places listing
• Perform onsite SEO for your website and Google places page.
• Claim your listings in major local portal sites like Yelp, City Search, Yellow pages etc.
• Perform citations and get your business listed in key local sites
• Review your reviews in third party review sites and places page
• Create and promote your video in all major video sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Daily motion.

We will create the entire buzz that is needed for your business to get ranked in the first page of Google.

After all this work, if we are unable to rank your business in the first page of Google then we will give you 100% money back guarantee.

If you are interested to know more about our services, Please contact us at
Email us : info@rankwords.com
Call us : 732-791-4844

Selling SEO Services To Your Local Businesses

Whether you’re a full time Web Developer or a part-time tweaker of sites you need to see this video.

Establishing yourself and your intent to your prospects is key to closing the deal. Letting them know what to expect is also essential.

This video will give you a better understanding of what it takes to sell SEO services to the local businesses in your area.

Local SEO Services US – (877) 977-0353

http://localseoservicesus.com – Local seo services. Looking for professional seo services in your area? We specialize in SEO and getting you ranked high in the search engines. Call us for a Free 30 minute consultation at 1(877) 977-0353 today!

In order to find the best seo services, you need a company with proven results that can get your business to the top of the search engines. Business owners looking for local seo services need a company that will consult with them and give them several options.

The best seo service providers will find the right solution according to your needs and help you to become the leading business in your niche on the Internet. Call us now for a free 30 minute no obligation consultation at 1(877) 977-0353!

With Local SEO Services US we will increase your ROI and ultimately your bottom line. Internet is the future of advertising and you need to get into position right now in order to dominate your business niche online.

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