SEO Ranking and Keywords in Google Analytics

Use Google Analytics to do search engine optimization (SEO), keyword landing page research, seo rank tracking and monitoring.

What you get:
◆ Organic keywords / We replace (not provided) with an estimated keyword.
◆ Search engine ranking positions in results page: 1, 2, 3 etc.
◆ Actual search engine referrer: Extract, etc from google/organic.

Benefits of Keyword Provider compared to other SEO tools:
◆ Quick installation.
◆ Zero maintenance.
◆ Save time by using Google Analytics, a tool you’re already comfortable with. No need to use other tools or extract data to Excel or Google Sheets – do everything straight up in GA!

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SEO in Google Analytics

What is (not provided)?

Google Analytics Tutorial – Understanding SEO Keywords in Google Analytics

What keywords do customers put into Google that actually result in a landing on your website? In this brief tutorial, Jason McDonald explains how to discover your SEO keywords in Google Analytics and in Webmaster tools. (Free course materials at Moreover, you can drill down into keywords to use keywords in both Google Analytics and in Webmaster tools as a 24/7 customer survey. Learn what keywords customers use and improve your SEO!

10 Best Free Keyword Research Tools for SEO (2017)

Here are the free keyword research tools I use for SEO. Don’t worry these are not freemium SEO tools. I use these daily at my agency because they work!

I don’t waste your time covering keyword tools that suck. I am also not covering Google Keyword Planner because all your competitors already use it. These tools should be considered your best alternative to keyword planner.

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10 Best Free Keyword Tools

1. SERPS –
2. Keyword Shitter –
3. Keywords Everywhere –
4. Answer the Public –
5. Keyword IO –
6. SEO Book –
7. SEO Chat –
8. SEO Stack –
9. WordZe –
10. LSI Graph –

I use these less than the others but they are still useful.

Uber Suggest –
Soovle –
Bing – (must have a webmaster account)

As I mentioned in the video I also use SEO Book’s keyword density tool a lot.

Also, here is the MOZ article on Featured Snippets I mention in the video

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How important is it to have keywords in a domain name?

How would you explain “The Power of Keyword Domains” to someone looking to take a decision what kind of domain to go for?” McDot, Berlin

Russian subtitles provided by Mike Shakin.

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SEO Keyword Research #1 | SEO Tutorials

Online Training | Video Tutorials

SEO Tutorials: Keyword Research and Key Phrase Research
Learn keyword research techniques to help with your website Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This HD Video tutorial will help you compile your initial list of keywords and then tell you how you can extend and refine the list to really home in on the important keyword phrase that will actually get your website found by Google and the other search engine such as Bing and Yahoo.

SEO Tutorial Topics include:
– Make a list of the keyword phrases you think are important
– Use keyword phrases rather than a single word
– Use a localised phrase
– Ask employees and customers for key phrase ideas
– Use Google to search using your chose keywords and check out the competition
– Use Google auto-suggest to suggest more popular keywords
– Related searches in Google
– Turn the cache off when repeating local searches
– Listing the keywords that your competitors think are important
– Word stemming
– Use for related keyword ideas or the Microsoft Word thesaurus
– Using long tail search phrases
– Advanced Google search techniques
– Advanced Google search – find associated keywords in using the ~ character
– Advanced Google search techniques: ‘in title’ searches
– Advanced Google search techniques: ‘in url’ searches
– Advanced Google search techniques: ‘in anchor’ searches
– Advanced Google search techniques: ‘in text’ searches
– Advanced Google search by file types
– Search using different international versions of Google
– International spelling and meanings
– Video searches
– What Google has to say about building keyword lists
– Firefox SEO add-ons
– SEO Quake toolbar
– Use amazon to browse the index of related books for keywords
– Keyword tools – Spyfu
– Keyword tools – seed keywords
– Keyword tools — Keyword discovery
– Keyword tools – Wordtracker
– Keyword tools – Keyword spy
– Ordering and grouping your keywords and phrases in order of priority

For details of our complete SEO tutorials (available world-wide) see:

Online Training | Video Tutorials

For details of our SEO seminars in Joondalup, Perth, Australia please visit:

SEO Perth | Search Engine Optimisation Training Company

Cheltenham Group Pty, Ltd.

SEO Advanced Keyword Research Techniques | Keyword Research Bangla Tutorial

SEO Advanced Keyword Research Techniques | Keyword Research Bangla Tutorial 2017

Tools to use:
– Google keyword planner

Keyword Match Type:

– Broad Match Keyword
– Phrase Match Keyword
– Exact match Keyword
– Negative Match Keyowrd

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How to Do Keyword Research with Google (SEO Basics Part 1 of 17) In this video tutorial I’m going to show you how powerful Google Keyword Research can be for your website traffic.

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Video Transcript:

Hi Access Member! In this video tutorial I’m going to show you how powerful Google keyword research can be for your website traffic. Let’s check it out.Okay so here we are on this test website I created called and it’s basically a website dedicated to reviewing the Insanity workout along with some other workout videos. It was really an experiment to figure out SEO and Google Adsense. I’m going to show you that this website actually got over a 113,000 visitors in just a couple months. I did it with only a couple of keywords. I’m going to show you how. So here we are inside the Google analytics. As you can see May 1st 2013 to January 21st, 2014 that’s not even one entire year yet and I had over 135,493 visitors. Now the unique visitors over 111,960.

As you can see 89,846 visitors came from Google Organic search engine traffic. Now I also had a few from other referrals, from Google, from Bing, Yahoo, and Google UK. So majority of my traffic was from search engines. I just wanted you to understand that this wasn’t driven by social media as much. Mainly it was just Google traffic. I’m going to walk you through the process of basically how I did this keyword research to find the right keywords to get all of this traffic. So you’re going to go to and you’re going to type in ‘Google keyword planner’. The first search result should be ‘Google Adwords Keyword Planner‘ and you’ll want to click on that.

Once you get inside you should have a page that looks like this and the first one you’ll want to select is search for new keyword and ad group ideas. Click on that. At this point you can basically use this search box to search your niche or whatever you’re trying to basically rank for on your keywords. What I did was I basically typed in ‘Insanity workout’ and I targeted mainly the United States. So I changed my country of origin to just the United States. So I’m going to remove the UK, India, Australia, and Canada. The reason I decided to do that was mainly the product was sold in the United States. I wanted to really focus on my target market.

I could also change my country language which was English, so I left that the same and I could also change if I wanted to search outside of Google with their search partners but I’m going to pretty much leave that the same as well. I went ahead and clicked ‘GET IDEAS’. Once you get this page it’s very important that you click on the tab ‘KEYWORD IDEAS’ not ‘Ad Group Ideas’. Click on ‘KEYWORD IDEAS’. As you can see the Insanity Workout itself had an average montly search of about 450,000 visitors a month. If you hover over this little graph it basically will give you a trend of the average monthly searches. So, in January there’s a high volume of people looking out for workout videos because it’s probably their new year’s resolution and as the months go on to the fall and winter months it’s starts to taper down. But on average they average about 450,000 a month.

If you were the number 1 ranked on Google. What I mainly did was down here there’s these ‘Keywords by relevance’ so they give you the other keywords that are possible matches within this related niche. So I was basically searching for other keywords that were related to the Insanity workout that gave me a high volume amount of traffic. I was thinking, “What would people search for if they wanted to workout with Insanity workout?”. They’d probably figure well what do I need to do for the day? What is the schedule or calendar for this workout? So I typed in ‘ insanity workout schedule’ and what came about really shocked me. So the insanity workout schedule there’s about average 60,500 monthly searches. So that dawned on me that I wonder if this is a good keyword that I could get ranked for on Google. Okay so I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial on how to do keyword research with Google’s keyword planner.

Keyword Planner Alternatives: Awesome Tools for SEO Keyword Discovery

Google has decided to be a little evil (pardon the pun), by removing detailed keyword data from its Keyword Planner. (Materials at Unfortunately, until you spend some money with AdWords and have a “reliable” account, the Keyword Planner gives you a range of data as opposed to accurate data. Pretty evil, if you ask me, as Google should act as though its near monopoly on search is a “public trust.” But, they don’t listen to me. So here are some alternatives to the Keyword Planner – great tools whether or not you use the official Google AdWords Keyword Planner. Let’s get started!

SEO Lesson 1: How to do keyword research for search engine optimization

Visit to download this lesson’s free courseware. It is a 28 page step-by-step guide to this lesson’s keyword research.

You will also be able to take other free SEO training lessons & tutorials

Our team has improved the rankings for millions of keywords. In this lesson, we are going to start with the basics of how to research your keywords and build a spreadsheet list.

In future lessons we will show you how to add more keywords to this list, as well as how to map these keywords on your website.

Lesson 2: