How to Check Your Rank on Google Local (Google Places)

Local search is more important than ever. So is local SEO. (Materials at People go to Google type in keywords like ‘plumber,’ ‘probate attorney,’ or ‘wedding shops,’ and the question is whether your business shows high on the search screen, in the top results on Google’s local listings – called the ‘snack pack.’How to Check Your Local Rank on GoogleGenerally speaking, Google now shows ONLY the top two or three results on the snack pack. So you gotta rank No. 1, 2, or 3 to be ‘in the game’ in terms of local SEO. In this video, I am going to explain how to check your rank on Google Local, using two methods – one just using Google directly, and another using the AdWords Preview Tool.

How To Use Local SEO Services To Get Leads For Your Business In 2017

If you are a local business looking for Local SEO services to boost your leads and revenue in 2017, then watch this video and see how our clients are ranking in the top results on Google Maps.

In this video, we discuss:
– What is local SEO
– Where do Local SEO results show up on Google Search Engine Results Pages
– Why you should focus on Local SEO for your small business
– What are the Local SEO Search Ranking Factors and
– Case Studies of our clients who are ranking in the top of Google’s snack pack

Mobile search is booming. With every year, more and more or the overall search pie is trending towards people searching on their mobile phones. Because of this, Google has made massive changes in their SERPs, and they are much better at showing search results that they believe have local intent.

Is your business doing Local SEO to capture these leads? Local SEO packages are similar to traditional SEO, but there are different factors to consider such as your NAP, getting uniform citations across powerful directories, as well as earning online reviews.

We discuss all of these issues in this video to help you get more leads for your business using Local SEO in 2017.

This video can apply to any local business, but articularly, we focus on assisted living marketing strategies. If you are a senior living or residential assisted living owner, than Local SEO needs to be a part of your marketing strategy.

Visit our website to learn more about how we can help your business save money by getting more leads through Local SEO.

Marketplace Earth is all about helping brands grow. We particularly like helping real estate investors and owners of residential assisted living homes.






Assisted Living


Local SEO und Google My Business Kategorien analysieren

Hier erfährst du wie du mit dem Google Map Maker herausfinden kannst in welche Haupt- und Unterkategorien sich Deine Wettbewerber eingeordnet haben. Hier die weiteren relevanten Links Die Kategorienliste von Mike Blumenthal Und hier noch der Link zum Google Map Maker

Google’s Top Ranking Factors For SEO 2017

Want to know what Google’s top ranking factors are? Well here they are:




IN DEPTH CONTENT google ranking factors Semrush says, “The average Google first page result contains 1,890 words.”
















Link to the video mentioned about off page SEO:

Please watch: “How To Dominate Local SEO (Live Walk Through Tutorial)”


Local SEO 2017 The Complete Guide (Part 1)

Looking to learn 2017 Local SEO works? This is the tutorial for you. I cover a wide variety of information from how to find your prospects, implement on page / off page seo, figure out KPI’s, NAPW consistency optimization, conversion rate optimization, interlinking, external linking, schema markup, extract info from GA, filtering data in Google Analytics, fixing broken links, keyword tracking, content marketing, hyper local / generic citations, site auditing, and much more.

The site I’m working with:


Here’s the tools I’ve mentioned:

SEO 2017 tutorial where I cover ranking factors with SEO profiler:

Please watch: “How To Dominate Local SEO (Live Walk Through Tutorial)”


Google Local SEO Trainwreck

Google has an ‘experiment’ running in the Bay Area. It’s a trainwreck for both vendors and consumers. (Materials at Google, oh Google. You just seem to be a ‘star crossed lover’ when it comes to local. First it was Google Local, then Google+, then Google+ Local, now back to Google local. You had Google guides (sort of like Yelp elite), and then when that program flopped you quietly killed it. You make it easy to see reviews, then hard, then easy, and now hard again. Now, in the San Francisco Bay Area, you’re rolling out an “experiment” for local services in which vendors pay to be included, and users can no longer see the real reviews, nor the non-paying vendors.

How To Rank On Google For Local Businesses

For the complete local SEO business checklist visit for more details.

With the huge increase and popularity of local business listings, it has become essential to use SEO to leverage the potential. SEO “Search Engine Optimization” increases the potential of your business getting identified by search engines. The need of good SEO has escalated exponentially for local business promotion. As I stress in the video below- We must play by Google’s rules when trying to rank on front page.

It is recommended consider SEO when you are launching a new website or redesigning a site. It helps to ensure that the website is designed in such a way that more and more searchers can find it on search engines. However, existing websites can also be improved by implementing basic local SEO factors.

For getting highlighted in local search your website has to have geo-targeted keywords, which means to include the geographical description like including city or regional keywords in the URL, tags, Meta description tag and various places in the site content.
Identifying keywords that are related to your business is known as on-page SEO factors. SEO factors mean all the actions that your website can perform, which can rank you higher in your Google places listing. Also ensure that there is not over stuffing of keywords.

Starting a blog is another way to optimize local business promotion. A blog on your website which is geo-targeted, which means i.e. blog topics covering local news, events, politics, local government policies and local business. Also ensure that you are including those blogs which are making sense to your business, it should not be confusing for the local searcher.

A great way to focus on local link building is by linking to social media like facebook, twitter, linkedin, wherein you get to network with likeminded people. Place local advertising in these websites to attract traffic. You can comment on those blogs with links or request guest comments. This helps in building trust to your website by local search engines. Once local search keywords are optimized one should optimize for local search directories.

It is really important to provide details of company address, description and other specific information related to your company properly, including good branding, as it helps the searcher to recognize the business. Contact information should appear at the footer for easy access.

If you have any questions about optimizing your website for local SEO then feel free to contact me at or comment below.

What is The Google Possum Update? Local SEO Update

Here’s what you need to know about the Google Possum update and how it’s affecting local search.

First of all, listings outside of city limits are seeing spikes in traffic and rankings. This is great for service areas. Next, we’re seeing more relevant searches closer to proximity of a business. Also, Google started filtering map listings based on associations via NAP and website. We’re skeptical that a more advanced algorithm like account association or reviews, on page signals, etc. are being accounted for as well.

Best of all, keyword variations! long tail keywords matter more yay. Time to start building out your site content with more unique pages.

Finally, local filter seems to be ranking businesses more independently from organic results.

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BCL07 The Power of Google Local SEO

BCL07 The Power of Google Local SEO
Watch our Live Show every Wednesday 6pm UK on Business Connections Live.
Local SEO and How Local SEO can work for you – Business Connections Live – Programme 7.

On Business Connections Live this week we talk to Andy Williams — Digital Marketing Manager at Koozai about Local SEO and How Local SEO can work for you.
So what is the Importance of Local SEO?

Google’s 2012 Venice update changed the way online businesses needed to address their local strategy. This update affected any search query that Google felt had local intent now striving to return local results over generic organic rankings.

The knock on effect meant that sites that were ranking on the first page for a search query could suddenly find themselves on the 2nd page as Google started to display local businesses ahead of long standing rankings.

Everyone should now incorporate a local strategy simply to safeguard their online presence.Google’s desire to give users personal and semantic results now means that logged in or not – if you search for a locally provoked search term (without including a location) you will see local results.

Business Connections Live’s Steve Hyland said that” this was a fascinating insight to the under the hood workings of Google and what its trying to give to its search engine users”. Local SEO and How Local Google SEO can work for you

Koozai’s Andy Williams discussed
Local Google SEO On-Page Techniques
Local Listings and Link Building
Social Media — How this can help with Local Google SEO
How to gain online reviews
Citations — What they are and how to get them
The “Don’ts” of Local Google SEO

Once again this is a master class in understanding how Google works and how it can benefit your business growth. All businesses should have a clear plan for:

A Local Google SEO strategy (regardless of your audience) that can ensure you don’t miss out on potential visitors and customers.

That you have a presence on local listings and review sites which can lead to customers as they have communities in their own right.

Using Social Media correctly will also put you in front of your target audience.

Andy Williams said “There has never been a better time for small online businesses to grab their share of the market”.

If you have ever wondered how to increase your Google ranking and drive new customers to your website then this hour is not to be missed, it all about Local SEO and How Local SEO can work for you