British Airways Business Class Airbus A318 London City to New York JFK FULL FLIGHT

This is one flight that had been on my hit list for a long time and finally I was able to make it work and secure a seat on it, the British Airways all-Business Class Airbus A318 service from London City to New York.

Tried to capture as much of the experience as possible so hopefully the video is enjoyable for you. This flight was also rather empty with just 12 passengers on board including myself which certainly enhanced the ‘exclusivity’ factor greatly.

British Airways
Airbus A318-100
Seat 7A
Load – 35%

Singapore Airlines Business Class – New York to Frankfurt – A380 Upper Deck

This is another product that had been on my list for quite a while. I had flown the SQ A380 before but only in Coach and heard great things about their Business Class.

In case you’re wondering if these seats are really as wide as they look: No – they’re even wider!

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CityWide: Doing Business in New York: Real Estate

This edition features two leaders in the Real Estate industry, Timothy King, the Chief Operating Officer of Massey Knakal Realty services, and a 35-year veteran of the New York City Commercial Real Estate Scene, and David Arena, President of Grubb and Ellis New York, a leading provider of Real Estate services in the Metropolitan area. (Taped: 10/4/2006)

The conversation provides a better understanding of today’s real estate market, along with an insider’s view of the business.

CityWide is CUNY TV’s dynamic talk show for New Yorkers who care deeply about our city. The program is hosted by attorney and former City Council member Ken Fisher.

CityWide is celebrating its 15h year on CUNY-TV. Throughout this season, CityWide will speak with “people who make things happen in NYC.”

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EVA Airways Business Class 777 New York JFK to Taipei BR29

Filmed on a Nikon D5500 and a Sigma 17-50mm F2.8 lens at 1080p60.
EVA Airways is the newest 5 star airline and it is well-deserved. Although their seat is not as beautiful as their competitor China Airlines, EVA’s business class incorporates many elements typically found in first class. Each course is plated individually like first class, and the champagne Krug is typically considered a first class champagne. I think EVA is the only airline I know of that offers pajamas in business class, and they are very high quality. EVA is for sure the only airline to offer Rimowa kits in business class. EVA also offers a seat cover for making the bed unlike Cathay Pacific or China Airlines.
The lounge was the only disappointment. After talking with the ground crew, I found out that EVA was late to the game and their Star Alliance partner Lufthansa did not have any more room in their lounge. EVA had to contract with Alitalia and Korean Air, and alternate using each lounge. This time we were only allowed in to the Alitalia lounge which was old, dimly lit, with no hot food besides cup noodles. EVA is apparently well aware of this but the only thing they could do since they don’t operate the lounge is to add more flavors of cup noodles…
However, the service onboard was true 5 star fashion. It was organized, detailed, and professional. We were immediately welcomed by the FA and purser, who took down our pre and post departure drink orders. We were given pajamas and the famous Rimowa amenity kit, which is an awesome memento.
The food onboard was superior to some of Cathay’s first class meals I had. For business class catering, EVA offers the opportunity to book exclusive meals online similar to Singapore’s Book the Cook. I decided to order the wok-fried lobster and noodles as my main course to see how it would compare to the ones I had on Singapore. I was not disappointed. It was juicy, fresh, and perfectly seasoned, and I really wished they gave me the full lobster instead of only one half. I also ordered the beef burger to see how it would compare to Cathay. Again, I would say it is pretty clear EVA business class catering beats Cathay business catering. The burger was delicious and came with a large amount of curly fries. The pesto ravioli with bacon was the best and most memorable western style “breakfast” I have had on a plane thus far. Throughout the video, I think it is clear that EVA also does a beautiful job of plating the meals.
Entertainment was the only area that was lacking onboard. It had a fair amount of new movies but not anything interesting in terms of documentaries or TV shows (no family guy or simpsons…). I used the wifi and managed to get some work done. The seat on EVA is like Cathay’s, but modified significantly. The thing I noticed the most about EVA’s seat is that the main console is slightly behind your head so it is easier to look/film out the window on EVA.
EVA business class can best be summed up as business class seat with first class service. It becomes clear why they removed first class. Not only can they can fit more seats per plane than ever before, but first class simply isn’t necessary given how good their business class is.

Xiamen Airlines Business Class Inaugural 787 New York JFK Flight

My first inaugural trip experience on board a critical flight in the history of XiamenAir, one of Asia’s largest and safest airlines. While XiamenAir is almost 33 years old, it has only recently begun to expand outside the Asia market. I simply had to be on this flight especially given that it would be the debut of the brand new 1-2-1 business class seat on XiamenAir.

There is much to say about this flight that would exceed Youtube’s video description length. However, I wanted to talk about the XiamenAir management. After we took off, the man sitting in seat 1A started going down the aisle and talking with each of the passengers, many of which already knew each other. As he came closer to my seat all the way in the back, I was unsure if he would talk to me since we don’t know each other. However, he did came by and welcomed me onboard. One of the senior pursers came by as he was talking to me and told me that he is actually the CEO of XiamenAir, Mr. Zhao Dong. Mr. Dong then actually apologized that everyone knew each other and so it might be uncomfortable or awkward for me, but also remarked that everyone is friends here since we are flying together. When I told him that I specifically came to fly on this flight, he became very surprised and gave me his business card. He asked me why I would travel so far for this flight. When I told him about my childhood dream of being a pilot and my love of flying, he invited over the captain of this flight, who was on a break, to talk to me. I found out that our captain was their most senior pilot as he is the director of their flight operations department, and an instructor pilot on the 737/787. Mr. Li told me that an empty airliner is no fun to fly and so welcomed me as well. From Mr. Dong, I found out that our purser is their most senior purser, who is in charge of the training of their 5000 flight attendants. When I mentioned to her the English mistakes I had found on the menu, she prompted relayed this to Mr. Dong, and promised me this would be corrected. At the end of the flight, Mr. Dong again thanked me for being on this flight. Our captain also insisted I disembark before him even though he had to be at a press conference. Never before had I heard upper level management be so open to feedback and treat their customer with such respect or interest.

The XiamenAir’s flight crew were exceptional as well. They were so full of personality, and I truly found them to be interesting and fun to talk to. I interacted with two crew members in particular. Both were incredibly sweet. As the crew were taking dinner orders and delivering meals, one of them came and apologized that it was taking so long to get to me. She told me that one of the items already ran out, and was worried that other options would run out before they get to me, so she decided to come to see first before some of the other seats. It was pretty funny later on in the flight when a member of the press saw what I was eating and told me she was disappointed that they ran out of the meal I was having. The other crew member spent a while talking to me about my travels and mentioned to me that she had met several US bloggers while on the inauguration flight to Seattle. She love to joke around and was very playful.

One can argue that since the CEO and the press were onboard, it is understandable that the FAs on this flight are their best. However, it also means that Xiamen is capable of training and attracting flight crews of this quality. Now that Xiamen’s long haul business class includes direct aisle access in business class using the same seat as Cathay, American, EVA, and China Airlines, I don’t find it hard to believe that one day they will be rated as 5 stars as well, especially if the management is genuinely able to listen to their travelers.

American Airlines BUSINESS CLASS New York to Los Angeles|Airbus A321T

American Airlines Business Class Trip Report
Transcontinental Business Class Airbus A321
American Airlines Business Class Review A321T

Business Class New York (JFK) to Los Angeles (LAX) A321T
Airbus A321T Transcon

A trip report from the Business Class cabin flying from New York to Los Angeles onboard American Airlines three cabin domestic aircraft. At this moment in time American airlines features the only 3 cabin domestic flight in service.

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American Airlines Flight 19
Depart : New York (JFK)
Arrive : Los Angeles (LAX)
Departure time : 11:00am (Actual 11:54am)
Arrival Time : 1:41pm (Actual 2:11pm)
Airbus A321T Transcon
Seat : 6A
Flight Time 5h 17m
Meal Service : Lunch

For A full TRIP REPORT Visit…
American Airlines Business Class New York to Los Angeles Trip Report – Airbus A321T – AA19

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Air China 747-8 Business Class CA982 New York JFK to Beijing Capital International Airport

Filmed on Nikon D5500 with Sigma 17-50 f2.8mm lens.
Despite the many negative reviews of Air China, I found myself on a comfortable flight with a very attentive and friendly crew. The crew were all smiles. They refilled/offered drinks constantly and addressed each passenger by name. One of the crew saw me taking videos and so she showed me around the business class cabin. We chatted about her own experiences of being a flight attendant at Air China. Perhaps the biggest lesson I learned was that apparently management does not fit in enough beds for the crew in order to save weight, therefore many FAs find themselves needing a first class or business bed to get enough rest to deal with the constantly changing time zones. This also happened at China Eastern where she worked at for four 4 years before changing airlines. This explains previous flight reports on the internet of passengers complaining about sleeping FAs in the premium cabins. Honestly I felt very bad for them and it really is true not to judge a book by its cover since the situation is outside of their control. The FA also told me that they are definitely aware that they are not as good as Singapore or ANA but Air China is trying to improve its experience. During the dessert service, she actually let me take all 3 different desserts (cake, tiramisu, and fruits) when I couldn’t make up my mind.

The bed was completely 180 degrees lie flat. I was able to get about 7 good hours of sleep. I have heard about Air China keeping the cabin too warm, but it was actually perfect on this flight. The duvet was large, soft and very comfortable. My experience was definitely helped by the fact that I had a complete row of business class seat available to me. Seat 11A is actually the most private seat because of the way the row of seats are all angled slightly to the right. Therefore 11A is the most forward of all the seats in the nose of the 747-8. Nevertheless, catering still needs substantial improvement. My first meal was fairly tasty. The chicken was spicy and fragrant but the presentation didn’t look too great. My pre-arrival “chicken” noodle soup was absolutely tasteless even though it looked not that bad. If they can change their business class seats to 1x2x1 rather than 2x2x2 and substantially improve their meals, I would definitely look forward to flying them again.


Hello fellas!
I recently visited New York during the US-Open Tennis Championship. It would only be only a quick citytrip and I tried to keep my expenses as low as possible. But when I ran over this awesome offer from Delta I couldn’t resist booking my flights in Business Class. I spent a total of 1’800 CHF for all flights, the return would be on KLM through Amsterdam. This was a great deal and it allowed me to check out KLM’s new world business class, fly in a 747 again and be on an american carrier in business for the first time. I have always wanted to feel american premium hospitality.
This is the first of all 3 flights of this particular trip. ZRH-JFK aboard Delta Airlines in their Delta “One” Business Class cabin.
The seat is similar to SWISS, Austrian or Finnairs Business Class seat. The seat itself is a bit narrow but pretty comfortable. All window seats are single what improves the privacy a lot! So therefore this seat has a couple of advantages.
The FA were pretty nice. No bad mood or attitude, they all were very kind, pretty motivated, attentive and helpful. Only thing I missed was a personal touch by the FA’s, f.e. a “welcome mr. xx ” during boarding or “mr.xx here is your chicken” instead of “5A you got the chicken”. But that’s only a small issue. Personally I would fly Delta Business again!
The food was pretty good aswell! Soup and Salad tasted good, the soup tasted a bit smoky but that was good too in a different way. Everything seemed to be pretty fresh. The Rösti were a bit salty and a little overcooked but crunchy. Chicken was delicious, no dryness at all.
The seat itself was fully lie flat. It’s a leather seat but that wasn’t a big difference to other material. The screen was a bit small but quality of the IFE and choice was pretty good!
Hope you enjoyed the review, if you have any questions just drop your comment below!

Much love,

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