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*How many times have you said: “I just don’t have time for….” about something you are told is good for your business?  I venture to guess that SEO is one of those times.*

The problem is not that you don’t have time.  The problem is understanding how important it really is to your business and that you can actually learn to apply some of its principles without having to struggle with hard tech stuff.

The world has changed and continues to change for so many businesses. The change itself is a great leveller. Understanding what has changed, its impact and how to take advantage of it rewards the nimble, small business owner over larger rivals. The truth is that there are things you can do that are plain, simple and will also enhance your web visibility and help your business develop faster.

In the past, doing business meant taking your products or services to a local market place, setting up shop and being there every day.  Today, that marketplace is moving to the web, your customers are ON the web everyday, sometimes all day.  Mobile is only going to accelerate this trend, so to move forward and survive you must also BE THERE.

In 2014 alone there were over 3 billion internet users worldwide, over 310,000 are in North America alone with a 187% growth between 2000 and 2014.  The internet is not going to stop growing.

There are times when someone writes a book that quickly becomes a primer, a foundational book that every business should read.  +David Amerland  has written such a book: _SEO Help: 20 Semantic Search Steps That Will Help Your Business Grow_ . It won’t blow your fuses, it won’t require an advanced degree in rocket science. It’s a direct and practical guide to all the things you can do IN your business that will make your business better AND at the same time, help you become more visible on the web.  A killer combination.

We are thrilled to have David on our *Small Business WebTech Show* once again, to discuss and focus on key elements of his book and the business practices and strategies that will enhance your everyday business AND optimize your business for search visibility, all at the same time.

*Do you have time for that?*

*About David*

David needs no introduction for many, but in case you missed it…

+David Amerland  is the author of eight best-selling books including “Google Semantic Search: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques That Gets Your Company More Traffic, Increases Brand Impact and Amplifies Your Online Presence” and “Google+ Hangouts for Business: How to use Google+ Hangouts to Improve Brand Impact, Build Business and Communicate in Real-Time.” His very latest one: SEO Help: 20 Semantic Search Steps that will help your Business Grow is a practical guide to semantic search optimization for busy webmasters and marketers.

He helps multi-national clients and start-ups to organize their SEO and Social Media strategies. He is a business journalist, author and international speaker. He blogs about social media and search engine optimization, writes for a number of prominent websites including Forbes, and advises a handful of corporations on their social media crisis management techniques.
His books on SEO and Social Media demystify the complexity of the subjects they cover for readers around the world providing an accessible blueprint to better understand and take advantage of the opportunities offered by the connected economy.

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“The Economic Impact of Search”

A special thanks to +Oceanside Chamber of Commerce  for hosting the venue for the live audience and broadcast,  and  to +Richard Peat-Hanna  for his technical assistance.

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