DIY Business Cards and Product Packaging

Rip & Remix // 1

Jennifer here! In this episode I show you how to make business cards AND product packaging using the same process. This is an easy, cheap and fun D.I.Y project.

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Enjoy making these, I know I did! Cheers friends.

Bulk Print DIY Business Cards Using Illustrator

In this week’s tutorial, I share how to bulk print DIY business cards using Illustrator to print 8 cards, front and back using one sheet of 8.5″x11″ paper.

Check out the watercolor texture used here:

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Crappy Car- Plastic Business Cards A new plastic business card promotional video that pokes a little fun at cheap business cards as well as describing my new process for manufacturing plastic business cards that results in a thin, flexible plastic business card, brighter than other business cards due to the chrome reflective material laminated to the back, encapsulating the print and reflecting back any light that is normally absorbed by the materials. The multi-layer process used to make these cards along with the premium materials used places them firmly at the top of all quality business cards.

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How to Print Your Own Postcards

How to Print Your Own Postcards. Part of the series: Graphic Design Projects. The best way to print your own postcards is to lay out four postcards on a single page that each measure 4.25-by-5.5 inches, which fits perfectly on an 8.5-by-11-inch format. Print off postcard designs at home with advice from a professional graphic designer in this free video on digital design. Read more: