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Available on 16pt silk laminated stock and produced with the latest advances in technology, the combination of foil with the silky finish laminated with special material that gives the cards a very pleasant silky texture. Upgrade to Die cut (custom shape), Foil Stamp (metallic foil), Emboss (raised letters) and Spot UV (exact gloss spotting) all in one business card.

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Our business cards are printed to a standard credit card size onto 350gsm silk, if you require a more bespoke finish or material then we would be happy to quote this for you.

Your business card can be a mix of customized colors, fonts, text and more Upload your own photo, logo or design and we will do the rest and guarantee you a great finish.

How to Design a Business Card

I teach you how to design a professional looking business card!
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How to Make Your Own Business Cards | Graphic Design

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So a business card is like a handshake. If you receive a flimsy, paper card that has someone else’s name on the back of it, how are you really representing yourself? So business cards are something in which you are an extension of your brand, an extension of your identity, and it’s sometimes the first thing that people see, or the last thing that people remember before they’re able to contact you again. So you want to make sure that your business card is not only is consistent with your brand and who you are, but really tells what you do. So having a photo of you and just stating your name might not be enough. You need to show your title, you need to show what it is that you do, and then you need to show that you have the skills and the care enough to actually get your business cards printed on beautiful stock paper, with beautiful colors, and really making sure that it speaks to your personality.

A lot of the times that I like to do, is I like to see what other people are doing, and Creative Guys is a really good site to look at business cards, and see what other people are doing in the community. It helps to see where you fall in terms of your designs, to see how you can even maybe make your design a little bit better, maybe change the grid up a little bit, or add more color, or maybe change the design, or even the shape of your card. Or maybe, like, you don’t really know how to design, and you want to be able to go to some place that actually helps you make a pretty card, but without much of the fuss. is a really awesome place to find beautiful cards, and then they also print on beautiful deluxe paper. One of the good things about Moo is that, since they’re based out of the UK, their business card size is a little bit different, so it’s bigger than the United States one, which actually makes yours stand out already. They also make beautiful mini cards as well, and you can be very creative with these, and then you can get a lot more for little money.

There’s also like really good deals and specials for business cards as well. This is like my ninth edition of my business cards. When I first started out I had a card with my face on it, and it said that I did like 17 different titles, and nobody really didn’t know, like didn’t know what I did. So what I had to do was, over time is, as my company grew, as I grew, I made sure that my business cards grew with me. Did I, like, lose a lot of business cards? Yes, I printed a whole bunch, like 500, and didn’t even use them because my title changed, or maybe my e-mail address changed, in which case I am recycling and going to find something creative to do with it in the future. But a business card is very important, and it doesn’t really have to have too much on it, just your name, your title, your e-mail address, a number, in which case I use Google Voice, because I don’t always like to give out my personal number, and Google Voice actually allows you to set times in which your actual phone can be rang, as well as you can set different voice mails, depending upon the day or the time. And then also your logo, so it’s really important to make sure that you can visually express yourself, even on this tiny piece of paper. And then if you can’t, then you probably need to do more work.

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