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These days, local SEO and National online promotion means so much more than just having a properly optimized website. During the past couple of years, organic search results of Google’s video integration and Google Plus Local listings in its organic search results have dramatically extended the available promotional avenues for small businesses. Local SEO Deals range of services is specifically designed to help you make the most of the ever growing opportunities presented by the evolution of online commerce.
Google Plus Local Optimization
Google Plus Local has long surpassed traditional business directories such as Yellow Pages and regarded as the world’s leading source of local business information. In fact, so many people are now using Google to find local products and services that a properly optimized Google Plus Local listing will often be the crucial difference between success and failure. Take a look at our Google Plus Local Optimization page for more information.


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SEO course: Learn SEO (search engine optimization) marketing with my online SEO training course

Here is the link to the search engine optimization (SEO) course: https://www.udemy.com/seo-with-google-other-large-platforms-to-get-great-scale/?couponCode=y

Welcome to my SEO course, and let me tell you why I made it the way I did, and why I think this will be very helpful to your SEO and overall marketing efforts. There is a lot of confusion about search engine optimization out there, and I made this course to clear up a lot of the confusion, and give you solid search engine optimization fundamentals as well as give you a number of advanced strategies for how to get search traffic from Google.

The first part of my SEO course focuses on giving you very solid search engine marketing fundamentals. I go over keyword research, measuring competition, explain the history of SEO marketing, and how we got to where we are today with SEO. I also explain how blogging and content creation is relevant for SEO, and some things not to do when it comes to SEO.

The second part of the SEO course focuses on hands-on fundamentals that you will need to know and implement. Some of these fundamental are on page SEO, off page SEO, and when you should target long-tail vs. short-tail keywords. Other search topics I cover in this part of the course are black hat vs. white hat strategies, how to dominate Google’s top-10 search results, and off-Google SEO (and I don’t mean Yahoo or Bing).

In the next part of the course I give ideas for how to do link building in SEO. I explain some of the effective link building methods, and also go over some of the common misconceptions in link building, and explain which strategies you should avoid.

This search engine optimization course has 25 lectures that total over 1 hour of video tutorials. I feel that it will be very helpful to you in learning SEO.

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3 Must Have Tools For Online Marketing

3 Must Have Tools For Online Marketing

A Blog: http://join.freedomformula.biz

A Capture page: http://hanserteam.com/leadpages

An Autoresponder: http://hanserteam.com/free-trial

A Blog is perfect to provide relevant content and create authority in your market. If you’re providing regular education, insights, exposing your vision and training for your target audience, a blog is the simplest way to do this.

You can create a blog in 2 ways. Free or Paid.

Free services like wordpress.com and weebly are fine for basic ‘hobby’ blogging. But when you’re providing a service or selling a product, you will need a self-hosted service.

Your options are quite simple. WordPress.org is the self-hosted side of wordpress, where you’ll need to buy hosting, a domain name and manage the design, themes and all that jazz.

Using a service like the Viral Blogging System (http://join.freedomformula.biz), you get a ready-to-use blog. All you need to do is login, go through the set up and then you’re ready to go.

A Capture page is used to collect the contact information of your new prospects. This way you are growing a list of interested prospects who have raised their hand and told you they want more information.

I personally use a service called LeadPages (http://hanserteam.com/leadpages) for very simple, point and click capture pages.

In fact, LeadPages integrates with your autoresponder, so all you need to do is go through the set up process once and you’re ready to start capturing leads!

Your Autoresponder is the communication tool that will hold your prospects contact information, and allow you to send emails to them on an automated basis, or manually.

You will need all 3 of these if you plan on generating authority, gathering leads and communicating directly with them.

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